Network speed monitor

Hi experts,

 I have a simple question: What is the best Network Free Monitor. Basically I need to know which apps are accessing the network and what is the download/upload speed for each.

  Thank you in advance.
  Raul M.
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Jordan MedlenCommented:
You can try ntop ( I have used this and it works well. Just make sure to give enough resources to the system it is running on based on the amount of traffic you are monitoring.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I find PRTG to be very useful.
And, Wireshark.
Managed switches are also very helpful because you can mirror individual ports and see the traffic with Wireshark and see the traffic with PRTG.
I don't think that PRTG will give you app information but it may.
Wireshark will.
raulmondaAuthor Commented:
I download it, unpacked it is the source (i guess is C++); it is not complied, I cant use it.
Any idea how to proceed further?

Thank again.

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Jordan MedlenCommented:
What in particular did you download the source for?
raulmondaAuthor Commented:
I need it to install it and monitor the network traffic. i need an .exe or .msi
Jordan MedlenCommented:
Ntop is primarily for use on a Linux system. While there is a windows executable available, it is not free, outside the demo. The demo exe can be found at...
raulmondaAuthor Commented:
Download it, install it. it needed WinPcap and also it installed Redis....
at start it tried to connect to port 3000...faild
It doesnt works, sorry.
Jordan MedlenCommented:
No problem. I have never used the windows version. The linux version installs fine and works for me currently on an Ubuntu system.
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:
Does your network equipment support sflow or netflows? If so then you can get the details of application level bandwidth usage using flow analyzers.
raulmondaAuthor Commented:
I dont know. I have W8.1 and im connected via wifi.
The free version of PRTG should be perfect, as monitoring tools I use also open source for such as MRTG/Cacti and nagios  

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