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Strange problem with Blackberry phones and SBS 2011 Standard

Basically it is a standard SBS 2011 Installation. Email is pop3 accounts with the hosting
provider and the SBS pop connector delivers into the required users inbox. A few users
have blackberry phones that received email. Since the new server, users have continued
to receive email since it is is pop mail, but it did disappear from the phone when the server pulled it in every 5 minutes. Now there seems to be no email being received by the phones.
One of the users changed his network logon password using outlook web access over
Christmas but this would surely not affect the email account password would it, as
obviously the two don't have to be the same. Can't understand it. Hope this makes

Thanks in advance
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Sorry, There was no exchange server before. Email was delivered using pop3 in
Outlook Express (Windows XP) Email has worked on the phones after the installation of the
server. In fact one of the users only noticed it stop after he changed the login password
for the network (not his email account password). I think or assume the Blackberry is pulling email from the account at the domain hosting company.

Thanks for the detailed Answer. Let me know if you need any more info.
That is what the pop connector is doing at the minute. The major problem is the phones.
Given the info above what are the steps so that the phone connects to the server.

Have Blackberry 8520 on pay as you go and setup a months email/internet access.
Have a test sbs 2011 server set up - with 1 pop account setup. Really need to help to get this
test phone to connect.

Found the setting to get the Blackberry to collect mail from the server. Now seems
to be working ok.