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What format should phone numbers in the Active Directory User Object be ?

In the Active Directory User Object what format should the phone numbers be to ensure Outlook and Microsoft Lync are able to dial all local and international numbers ?  Regardless of user location / country ?

Is it the full international format that Outlook uses ? i.e.
A US number should be:
+1 (636) 722-3437

An Australian number should be :
+61 (2) 9466-3814
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These are the phone number fields I'm referring to :
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Thanks cgaliher.  Where do I find the official documentation on E.164 ?
E.164 is an ITU standard so their website is a good start. Specific formatting is rather vague (see e.123 for that) so i'd also recommend referring to your dialer's documentation send choose a format that is comfortable. Lync, for example, has thorough documentation, but acceptable characters vary slightly from 3CX or asterisk.
Can you provide a URL ?
Since I am on my phone??

Sure... and search for ITU E.164
Gee that was helpful...;).

Here are the links I think are the correct ones:

E.164 : The international public telecommunication numbering plan :

Specific English PDF:!!PDF-E&type=items
That said, I'm having trouble finding where it says that all phone numbers should have the + sign in front of them to be in 'international format' i.e. able to be dialled to/from anywhere.........
I believe that is actually E.123
E.123 : Notation for national and international telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and web addresses

2 Notation for National and International Telephone Numbers

7 Procedural symbols

7.1 International prefix symbol
Thanks cgaliher !
That would seem to confirm to me that all numbers entered in the AD User object in an international company must compy with these ITU standards to be diallable.

Does anyone else have any comments ?
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