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How To - Troubleshoot VPN Performance Issues (Home to Internal Network Logins)


Can you anyone direct me to some good troubleshooting guidelines for troubleshooting, performance issues on VPN links. Slow speeds (uploads/downloads) and slow logins.

Thank you.
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Look at the routers on both ends for the MTU setting. Default is 1500 and 1492 or a bit less is usually better for VPN connections. That is the first thing I would try.

Remember VPN uses the slow side of an asynchronous link and so it normally slow at the best of times.

.... Thinkpads_User
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Cheers Thinks_User. Any other experts out there willing to expand.
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What type of VPN?  You say home to Internal Network.  Do you mean home to office? Is your VPN connecting via router to router?  Or VPN client ipsec software to Router. Or Windows VPN over PPTP(RRAS)?  Do you have static IP's at both ends? What's your Upload/Download Speed at both ends?  Your best speed will be governed by the slowest speed.
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Type of VPN = Remote access VPNs
Home to Office Connection = Yes
Windows VPN over PPTP = Yes
Do you have static IP's at both ends? = Yes
Upload/Download speed at both ends is:
Home =10MB/1MB
Office = 5MB/5MB

Thank you
You have veery fast home internetconnection. No idea why you are complaining.
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Bill Bach
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Thank you for the info I look into those resources.
best diagnostic tool is at
it tells where you have MTU problems or unreachable DNS because of VPN changing routes etc...