Website Legitimacy for Cisco Hardware

Hello Experts,

I have came across Cisco Online Store Its Hong Kong based company. They offered very good prices for cisco hardware as compare to local markets.

Does anyone know the legitimacy of this online store ?

I would highly appreciate your inputs.

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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
I think it's just too good to be true, you can find good reviews of them in certain places, but remember, on the Internet you can be anyone...

Here's a quote from one site where most reviews are 4/5 and 5/5:

"They are fraudsters. Stay away from them.
Bought a 2821 router and 3750 switch from them, got the items on time but when our technician checked both of them were found to be repaired, repainted, repacked and reconfigured.
When request them so. They did not cooperate at all.
So be-ware from these Chinese and Hong Kong. As most of their stuff is either non genuine or repainted.


Besides that, what with warranty and stuff? If the item you order breaks or isn't up to standards, you'll have to send it back to China? Or will it be possible to send it to Cisco? I highly doubt it.
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
But they replied to the above give comment

“Hi, jbart75, well, firstly thank you for your review on our products and company. We checked your invoice number: gr1021, never found any info about your purchasing record, moreover, your invoice number is not ours(the number format is incorrect). We haven’t that kind of invoice number. Did you make a mistake? The Cisco equipment you bought were from other companies. You mistook them for ours. Can you delete this mistake? Because it will bring us negative influence. If you cannot check your mistake and correct it, we will take it as a libel. So we will figure it out through resellerratings’ user service. If necessary, we can directly connect you to solve this problem. We will take legal steps to deal with your libel on our company.

Best Regards”

One of my friend has purchased from the Cisco Switches and they are good.
Also, they have purchased from them Module and they are also good.

Jordan MedlenCommented:
Working and good are two very different things. They may work today, and for a year or more, however they may still be counterfeit. If you're looking to buy used/secondary Cisco gear, go with either CXtec or NHR ( NHR provides a lifetime warranty on everything they sell. I have had very good luck with both companies and great support in the few times of need.
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Craig BeckCommented:
I've heard of quite a few instances where people have purchased items from online retailers in HK and China, etc, in good faith, only to be questioned when they provide poor feedback relating to the items or service they received.

It's very easy for the retailer to respond in a way which makes the customer look like they made a mistake, but I would go as far as to say that when you're spending hundreds or thousands with a company you KNOW who you spent it with, and on which items.  Therefore it's more likely that the retailer is the one who is mistaken, and not the customer.

Warranty might as well be non-existent.  It will cost you a lot of money to send back to the retailer if it's not a new item and if it is new it may not have a warranty with the manufacturer in the first instance.  If it's a grey import item the regional service centre for that manufacturer may not honour any warranty that might exist on that item - therefore you'd have to pay for any repairs or service.

Personally though, I read this...

If this is referencing the same site, I'd stay well away.  The comment by 'ciscorouter' is just unbelievable!...
"Ok, last month, I visited the company called Ye Jian Technologies or something like that of, it's very formal, the boss Bruce is handsome, and their service and devices are all good. Next time, I'd like to purchase from them again and more trustingly!"
In my opinion, the support contracts are the important thing with Cisco... you can buy a Cisco switch or router for $5 on ebay, but without a support contract you cannot download firmware images and software from for them.

So, does the site in question include a one year or longer support contract with the hardware they sell?

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cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to determine if those purchased were items originaly manufactured or refurbished
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:
@Darr247. They support 1 year warranty, if any defect it should be returned to them after 1 yr any repair will be charged. They also provide free CCIE consultancy and support.

For the above review, they said it has been posted by competitors.

But there device looks brand new and they have serving 150 countries for now 12 years.

Craig BeckCommented:
If you need to send back to them that could be costly!
cciedreamerAuthor Commented:

Yes it is.
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