exchange 2010 autoconfiguration cert problem

I have a correct cert installed for and can check it 100% via EMC.
When I set up a new outlook profile or test autoconfiguration on an existing outlook profile I receive a certificate mismatch and it states that the cert is for a different domain that I own but it's the www cert that it's finding.  Not sure where to start looking for trouble here because the www server doesn't live on the LAN where the exchange server or outlook clients are located.
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I suspect its the autodiscover system.

It looks at the root domain for an HTTPS connection to get settings & I'd bet a packet of biscuits that your root domain resolves to your website's IP, which has HTTPS enabled.

Two ways to resolve:

a) stop the root domain DNS record resolving to your website server
b) disable HTTPS on the webserver
cmkeurAuthor Commented:
Thank you, that was exactly what it was.
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