Exchange 2010

Added a new user to the domain but did have some issues wuth the last name. Had to delet the account several times before it was correct.

As a result (even though the sbs 2011 wizard) stated all was ok with the account I am unable to send mail to this user. The mail is bounced with>>>>IMCEAEX-_O=FIRST+20ORGANIZATION_OU=EXCHANGE+20ADMINISTRATIVE+20GROUP+20+28FYDIBOHF23SPDLT+29_CN=RECIPIENTS_CN=Michael+20Moschellod28@orangecomputers.local
#550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found ##
It seems that I am unable to delete the failed attempts in the exchange data base. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Olaf De CeusterCommented:
Anything in "disconnected mailboxes" In Exchange Management Console?
Also might pay to be a bit patient with exchange.
Hope that helps,
S_DuncanAuthor Commented:
Followed you recommendations no changes were made. I did come across 4 disconnected mailboxes for the same user I am having issues with. The EMC does not allow me to connect any of the mailboxes to the server. The issue of mail delivery appears to be local only.
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Olaf De CeusterCommented:
In the EMC under recipients check all the email addresses for that recipient. Especiallly the .local one. You can add another SMTP email address there also to get you going. (Add a .local address and see if you can emailto it?)
Or be patient and let the AD catch up.

Or when you say  "local" do you mean: on the workstation only. If that's the case:  Either run the connect wizard again on the workstation, or start a new local profile in outlook.
S_DuncanAuthor Commented:
Caught up and that issue is resolved however the remote user is allowed access to the RWW 1st screen but is not allowed access to their desktop? Gateway server seems to be an issue?
Olaf De CeusterCommented:
Need to install the certificate  on the remote desktop (In public downloads if using a self issued certificate) and the user needs to be a local admin on the end workstation (The one he is trying to logon to)
Hope that helps,

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S_DuncanAuthor Commented:
OK. Done and THanks..
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