SCCM 2012 R2 PXE Unknown Computers?

Hello folks,

I just installed SCCM 2012 R2 and configured the Site, Distribution point for PXE, added default Win7 install.wim into Operating Systems, created a task sequence, and distributed all content to DP.

I am using default x64 boot image that comes with SCCM install.
My DHCP server boot file is SMSBoot\x64\

Every time I PXE my test VM, it exits PXE (see pxe pic attached).

I made sure to deploy my task sequence to All Unknown Computers, I see the task assigned, but the smspxe.log says no advertisements found (see smspxe pic attached).

Anyone have a suggestion?

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Leon TaljaardSystem Center Specialist - ArchitectureCommented:

There should have been 2 boot images already there when you did the install,one 32 bit and the other 64 bit and you should deploy both architectures of the images.

Do you also have the DHCP option set with the FQDN or ip of your PXE server ?

Also have you checked your PXE settings on the DP ?

Good Luck

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romatloAuthor Commented:
I am using IP address of SCCM/WDS server in my DHCP scope.  Should I be using FQDN?

Yes, I checked my DP PXE settings, and they are enabled (pic attached).
I also made sure to include PXE when creating the task sequence.

You can see that Unknown Computers has a task (deployment) assigned (pic attached).

I don't know what I am doing wrong.  Driving me nuts!!!

Thanks for responding...

Leon TaljaardSystem Center Specialist - ArchitectureCommented:
No problem

Did you distribute both boot images 32 and 64 ?

Also look for any "unknown" objects in "All Systems" there should only be the 2, if there is another or others then delete them and try the boot again.

Also have you enabled "Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point" under the Data Source tab on your Boot Images?

Maybe also check you AV on your site server or PXE server, I would also try un-tick the PXE settings wait till WDS uninstalls on its own and then tick it again and wait for SCCM to reinstall all settings.

Also look at this

Hope all this gets you a little further.
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romatloAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have both boot images distributed and pxe enabled (pic attached).

I was hoping to avoid unchecking PXE, etc, but will try that as well.

Thanks again.
Leon TaljaardSystem Center Specialist - ArchitectureCommented:
We'll look at that link I sent you as well, not sure if it will help.

If you still don't come right let me know then I will check in my Dev environment.

romatloAuthor Commented:
I got it!  I guess I thought that I had distributed my boot disk images to my distribution point.  After looking closer, it was not.  Thanks to your questions I was able finally able to tell.

I am further along now.

Thank you!!!!
romatloAuthor Commented:
Your questions and suggestions led me to find my configuration problem!  Thanks!
Leon TaljaardSystem Center Specialist - ArchitectureCommented:
That is exactly what I said you needed :) well I am glad you got it sorted, please mark as answer on one of my replies.

Leon TaljaardSystem Center Specialist - ArchitectureCommented:
I am glad you came right, good luck.
romatloAuthor Commented:
I have a task sequence error now on this thread in case you know that one. :)
Leon TaljaardSystem Center Specialist - ArchitectureCommented:

Apologies, I was away from my mobile for a while. I am glad you managed to get it sorted out.
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