iphone not synching

Just received an iphone 5c yesterday and I'm trying to put a ringtone on it.
I followed the instructions on another site and got the file imported, 30 seconds, and it's identified as a ringtone.  I have it set to sync tones, and only checked items.
Yet when I sync to the phone, it goes through a 3-4 step process, no errors, but the ringtone is not found on the device.
I'm completely new to iphones/itunes, so I'm hoping it's something I simply neglected to verify.  Yet it sees the phone fine and appears that everything else is working.  Is there any location that it places an in-depth sync log?

iphone 5c; ios 7.0.4; itunes 11
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Try the link and see if it pops up in itunes
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
For ringtones and stuff I just use Zedge.  It has an auto-sync which pushes it into iTunes and onto your phone (when connected or via wireless).

Zedge App is free by the way
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
@Stef95, I know that part works.  I had an old email from someone who sent me a gift song.  I was able to click that link and the song is now on my phone.  So as far as that sort of sync, it works.

I used zedge on my android, but not a big fan of it, particularly since it means installing both that and another app to talk to itunes.  Surely the built-in features are supposed to work?
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Can we assume that:

If you open iTunes, and open phone (in devices) and choose Tones from the top row of options across the screen, you see "Sync tones" is checked, "Selected tones" is checked, and in the list of Tones, you see the desired tone checked?

If you then (still in iTunes) choose "On this iPhone," and choose "Tones" on the lefthand side, do you see the tone listed there?
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
No, sync tones wasn't checked there.
Now I've checked it, choosing selected tones does show the two ring tones.

Checking the option above and syncing caused it to display a sync icon next to the phone, but no message and the ringtone isn't there on the phone (settings/ringtones, right?)

Not sure I follow this bit:
If you then (still in iTunes) choose "On this iPhone," and choose "Tones" on the lefthand side, do you see the tone listed there?
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Tried a few musical songs too and those didn't come over either.
Did you put checks by the tones you want to transfer, or did you just check "selected tones"?
it isnt that greate video but the guy made it clear in his video just ignore the unimportant things and sea what helps you
good luck
Who made the ringtones could it be that it is not a legitmate ring tone? AAC?
Is it longer than 40 secs? must 40 secs or less AAC
the file extension is .m4r?
Ring tones could have DRM
So go into Itunes and pick out a track right click it then options, scroll down to start time and end time pick a part you want to use.
only have gaps no dots then ok out of that and now play the piece, It will only play for that length of time.
Again rightclick it scroll down to make AAC version not ringtone.
Itunes should make a copy of the timed part you set under the original.
Go back to the original and undo the time by unticking start and end ok out of that.
Now just drag /copy to this 40 sec AAC ringtone to your desktop
Delete the 40 sec ACC from your Itunes playlist library..
Now the one on your desktop rename the extension from .m4a to .m4r
click on it
It will ask you are you sure say yes to using .m4r
DB click it to play it in Itunes
you should see it sitting there on teh left as a ringtone, scroll down further to devices
click on phone, on teh right lick on ringtones then sync it ( tick all ringtones)
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Did you put checks by the tones you want to transfer, or did you just check "selected tones"?
I have both tones and music checked, but neither are coming over.

So I don't think the issue is to do with the ring tones.  The only song that I have on the phone is one that my sister gifted to me.  It's not syncing any of my music either.
All of the items appear to have a dotted circle on the far left, supposedly indicating that it's going to be synced, but never is.  I can't believe there's not some sort of logging or errors somewhere?
Sorry, I don't think you're understanding.  Let's try it again.

I am not asking whether you have "tones" checked and "music" checked.
I'm asking whether you have the SPECIFIC tones that you want to transfer checked, and the SPECIFIC songs that you want to transfer checked.

With CHECKMARKS, not dots.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
No, I understand that.  I've tried it both ways...the option to only sync what's checked (and yes, I had tones and music files checked) as well as the option to sync everything.  Nothing works.
If I click on my phone and choose "On this phone" it shows all of the music 'there' as if it is queued or something, but clicking on sync completes a two-step process...Preparing to sync/Syncing mail accounts, something I couldn't read, then Sync completed.

It's not taking more than 10 seconds for that to complete no matter how many items are selected.

Found the diags in the help and ran the sync tests, which passed, so I'm not sure what the problem is...
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Ah, but reading the diags helped...it was actually a simple fix.
Which was...?

(So that others having the same issue might be helped...)
Sirbounty please tell us what you found>>Ah, but reading the diags helped...it was actually a simple fix.
lol you did not include that on Experts Exchange
We all wait then.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Heh - it was dinner time, so I posted quickly.  Plus, I thought I would give you a chance to determine the problem.  :^)

Stupid, in my opinion, but apparently itunes must be launched as elevated.  The uac prevents you from syncing to your phone...

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That's bizarre...never heard of anyone else needing to run iTunes as elevated in order to Sync... definitely not normal behavior.  Glad you got your issue solved, though!
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Running as Admin was the 'fix'
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