Internal Hard Disk made as external Portable but unable to open

Recently, My Hard Disk got some bad sectors and i had to replace it, its western digital hard disk,

after new hard disk, i used the old disk as the portable one, but now it shows drive as local(O), S and R but hangs my PC and neither it opens and if i click any one of it, my computer just hangs,

unless i remove it, it show me then bunch of options which i had clicked during its process, like format etc etc.

i have very very important data within that disk and i am unable to make it work

please guide me what should i do, it already had previous versions of windows installed in that,

I am using windows 7 Home premium Edition for my work

Guide me, i am trying various tools but all in vain
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It is doing this (most likely) because the drive has bad sectors in a spot that prevents it from being read.

You need to use a local data recovery facility to give you an estimate of recovering the data.

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Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
try find and mount.

create drive image of ur old hdd drive through find and mount. separate image for every drive of ur old hard drive.

if still ur are not able to recover ur data try some live cd and copy ur data to other drive. <pirated software removed  --- Thinkpads_User>
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOAuthor Commented:
you mean technical support guys, right
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
All tools will fail, because they need Windows to guide them and provide the data. Windows cannot get to the data because of the hard disk failure. That's exactly why your computer is unresponsive until you unplug the hard disk.
Your only hope now is a professional (but very expensive) data recovery company. They will use special hardware to read the disk. Some charge a one off amount. Some charge for how much data you want (you will get a file list first).
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOAuthor Commented:
can you explain this:

try find and mount.

create drive image of ur old hdd drive through find and mount. separate image for every drive of ur old hard drive.
In such situations it is always better to connect the bad disk using the internal SATA connections of you PC, and not via USB, as a 2nd HD. Then scan it using getdataback. If the tool sees the files you need, register it so you can copy the data off.

If the PC has similar problems with the disk connected directly, boot it using the PartedMagic LiveCD (unfortunately this CD isn't free anymore, you have to pay for the download, but it is worth it), then scan the disk using photorec and/or testdisk, which are both included on the CD. If those tools find your files, just follow the instructions on the testdisk site to recover the data.

If that doesn't work either, and your backups are really no good, and you have enough cash, then as thinkpads mentioned, find a professional recovery agency to get your data back. Gillware is one of the best, but generally you should search for one that is close to your location:
Try the free PhotoRec util that comes with the TestDisk program.  

The first thing you should do with TestDisk is make an image of the drive.  That's important because the more you use that drive the worse it's going to get.  You should plan on replacing all hard drives after 1 year of use... and completely back up data from drives older than 1 year to a new drive. (what good is a warranty to replace the drive if you lose the data on the drive?)

First, select the drive in TestDisk (I only have 1 drive connected currently, but it shouldn't be hard to tell which drive is which unless they're identical drives)TestDisk - Select Drive
Choose the Advanced optionTestDisk - Advanced
Then create an image of each partitionTestDisk - Create ImageObviously you tell it to save the image to a new[er] drive that has enough free space.

Once you've saved images of each partition, then fire up PhotoRec and see if it will recover your data from the failing drive.

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Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
attach your old drive as secondary drive.

open find and mount.

it will show your primary and secondary  hard drive.

select second hard drive. scan it for partition.

when it shows ur partition. select it and create its image. and once image is created u can mount ur drive partition image and copy data to other drive.
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOAuthor Commented:
i think i should give partedmagic a try
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOAuthor Commented:
hi aditya, i am on laptop, only way of connecting i see is USB, any other way let me know

mount i am confused about, where exactly

Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
You can use USB to connect ur old drive.

mount is option in the software find and mount(freeware).
it is a very easy software. before going for a external tech for recovery give it a try.
Do you really only have a laptop? Is this the only PC?

Can't you get hold of a cheap desktop PC?

One thing you must remember is that the scan of the disk takes time, and during that time you can't use it for much else...

But PartedMagic does work with USB, the problem is that it adds extra points of failure.
TestDisk and its companion program PhotoRec also work with USB adapters, but you'll often get better detection with a direct connection to the motherboard (i.e. with PATA or SATA cables).
And although Testdisk and Photorec have windows versions, which are the versions Darr has shown above I believe, your Windows OS will probably not run properly with the disk attached (if I understand the description of the problem correctly). That's one reason I recommended a Linux LiveCD (PartedMagic) which has those tools included. With the LiveCD you probably won't have the same issue as when running under Windows, but as I mentioned your PC will be blocked during the scan which can take very long (sometimes days...).
My experience with various damaged HDD says:
- do not move anymore your damaged HDD around. Keep it safe and stable on the table until you solve the problem.
- you must use another HDD, eventually the internal new one, to copy the data from the damaged one. The first step before you try any data recovery is to use 1 or 2 programs which are able to "refresh" the sectors. I did that with success more than 10 times.
- The programs that you need is HDD Regenerator ( or/and SpinRite ( If you can find alternatives, try that too, but these 2 are good. I used more HDD Regenerator. Takes time, hours, 2 days, but worths.
- After you finish with the "refresh" of the bad sectors the you may try to recover using dedicated programs (I can give you a long list with what I have tried in the past), some free as Recuva ( ). That is only the second step. You may have also a simple alternative of simply copying the programs from Windows explorer after you have the driver attached to the PC as external drive.
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