Stored Procs and Azure Mobile Service

I have found many examples of using mssql.query in Azure server-side scripts to run stored procedures.

My question is...

Can I call an SP from my client application through Azure Mobile Service ?
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Yes you can. Brian Hitney of Microsoft explains it here.

 var sql = "exec schema.StoredProcName";
       mssql.query(sql, params,
            success: function(results)   //etc


DodsworthAuthor Commented:
I read this before.  Isn't that example server-side ?
It seemed to be client-side, from what he says, but I'll admit, he's not totally explicit.

The point he's really making, I think, is that if you can run a straight T-SQL query, like "select field1, field2 from table1 where field3 is not null", then you can rum a stored procedure in the same way - "exec storedprocedurename", and shows how to give it a parameter (using a placeholder, the "?").

Can you execute straight T-SQL?

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DodsworthAuthor Commented:
I dunno.  Hence the question :)
DodsworthAuthor Commented:
Looks like this is the way to go..

Long winded or what ?

an App.MobileService.RunSQLAsync method would be nice :)

Any further thoughts ?

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DodsworthAuthor Commented:
No further comments
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