HP Procurve Vlan routing

I have been tasked with
1.setting up multiple scopes on our DHCP server.
2. Adding 1 scope to each switch as its own VLAN
3. allowing network traffic ie file sharing, printing, ect across all VLANS and switches
4. connecting all "client" switches to a core stack
5. connecting the core stack to the DHCP server so that it will hand out the appropriate DHCP address to computers attached to the "Client" switches.
All switches are HP Products New core switch is a HP E3800 and the old switch is a Procurve 2510

We are using
1.  Server 2008 for DHCP
     a. the DHCP server sits in the 10.10.40.xxx subnet
     b. The IP address of the DHCP server is
     c. our gateway firewall is at

The switching equipment is use is
1.  "Client" switches " HP Pro Curve 2510-48
2.  "Core" Switch HP E3800 24-g

relevant Scope options for newly created scope are
1.  router
2.  DNS servers
3. address range 10.10.21.xxx

Relevant scope options for old scope still in use are
1.  router
2. DNS servers
3. address range 10.10.40.xxx

at the moment I have gotten this far
1.  If i assign a static ip[ address to a workstation attached to the "Client" switch (2510) it can ping the 2510 and the E3800 but it will go no further than that.  I am unable to ping into the original scope og 10.10.40.xxx  

We will be adding several VLANS once we get the first on up and running.  I have attached the configs of both of the switches and would very deeply appreciate any help that could be provided.

Patrick WrigleyAsked:
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Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
to further clarify, DHCP is not working from the 10.10.21.xxx scope across the E3800 down to the 2510 and out to workstations attached to the 2510 nor are statically assigned ip addresses able to get to the 10.10.40.xxx scope or the internet.
Jordan MedlenCommented:
Looking over your configs, you stated above that your DHCP server is on and your gateway firewall is on However your configs show no connectivity to either one of those subnets. and on your 3800, your default gateway is If indeed the subnets 10.10.40.x and 10.10.41.x do exist and are not typos, you'll need to create a vlan and l3 interface to extend connectivity to those segments.
Jordan MedlenCommented:
I am also assuming that e1 on the 2510 is connected to e1/14 on the 3800, is this correct?
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Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
The 3800 was misconfigured I have since corrected it to a gateway of which is in fact the address of our gateway firewall.
Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
I am also assuming that e1 on the 2510 is connected to e1/14 on the 3800, is this correct? yes that is correct
Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
there is no 10.10.41.xxx subnet
Jordan MedlenCommented:
Ok, now that's cleared up, however where does the 10.10.40.x network live? Is this beyond the gateway address?
Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
the gateway address was misconfigured on the E3800.  the correct gateway address is which is the gateway firewall on the original 10.10.40.xxx subnet.
Jordan MedlenCommented:
Ok, so the address is the gateway. Your 3800 may have that as the default gateway, however there's no configured subnet on your 3800 to put an interface on the same network. You need to configure an interface to be in the same subnet in order for the rest of the subnets to be able to reach the DHCP server.
Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
I currently have the DCHP server plugged into a untagged port with the default DHCP out of the box configuration on the 3800, it is currently assigned a static ip address in the 10.10.40.xxx range.  should I tag this port even though it goes directly from the 3800 to the NIC on the DHCP server?
Jordan MedlenCommented:
No, you should leave it untagged in the VLAN that has the DHCP server. Make sure that the switch can ping the DHCP server as well. If it can, and ip routing is enabled, things should be working. If you could post an updated configuration for review, that would be helpful.
Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
I will post an updated config ASAP the switch can ping the server and ip routing is enabled.  Thank you for being willing to look at this for me.  It is very much appreciated.
Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
I should be back at work to test 1/8/2014 we have a snowmagedon here in central Illinois and I have been snowed in.
Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
OK here is where I am at this point.
From a client machine on the 10.10.21.xxx subnet with a statically assigned address

I can access the client switch at

I can access the the core switch (E3800) at

I can access the the statically assigned address for the E3800 at

That being said, from a DHCP machine on the original 10.10.40.xxx subnet

I can not access anything on the 10.10.21 subnet ping or otherwise

From the management interface on the E3800 at

I can ping into the 10.10.21.xxx subnet

Ip routing is enabled, do I need to add a static route and if so what do you think it should be?

Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
This issue has been resolved.  It was na issue with ip routing on the core switch pointing to our gateway firewall.  One I entered the route statements into the gateway, everything began working perfectly.  Thank you for your help :)

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Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
Patrick WrigleyAuthor Commented:
Gateway router needed route statements.
Would you mine posting the route statements?
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