App (VB6) hangs when close the port after try print to TM-U220

I need open the cashdrawer conected to a Epson TM-U220 printer.
The code is ok and works.
But if the printer is unistalled, the app hangs when try to close the port

I need a procedure that detect if the printer is OK before run the Open_Cashdrawer procedure:

Private Sub Open_Cashdrawer()

On Error GoTo ErrorImpresionEPSON

Open "LPT2:" For Output As #1
             Print #1, Chr$(&H1B); "@"
             Print #1, Chr$(&H1B); Chr$(&H70); Chr$(&H0); Chr$(60); Chr$(120); 'Drawer Kick (ESC p)


Exit Sub
   Close #1
   MsgBox "Se Ha Producido un Error Al Imprimir" & vbCrLf & "Verifique La Conexión de la Impresora o Contacte con El Administrador del Sistema", vbCritical, ""

End Sub

Sorry for my english but I think the problem in clear.

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If you just need to determine if the printer has been installed, you could iterate the printer collection and determine if there is a printer assigned to Port 'LPT2:'
Public Function LPT2Exists() as Boolean
Dim P as Printer
  For Each P in Printers
    If P.Port = "LPT2:" Then
        LPT2Exists = True
        Exit Function
    End If
  LPT2Exists = False

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