Send Email Messages is grayed out Word 2010

When I am trying to send email in word 2010 the option of "Send Email Messages" is grayed out the only option that is available is to send it via attachments. I have research several sights to give me an insight why this option is not available, but no luck. If anyone has seen this issue and have some guidance to resolve it this would make my life easier. Thanks
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Did you try to repair Word first
Windows key + r

Type: winword.exe /r

Then try to make sure Outlook is your default email program

Start---->Search bar type-----> default programs ------> Click on "Set your default programs"------>Click "Microsoft Office Outlook" ------>click "Set this program as default"

Plus if it was working before you can try to restore from a previous restore point....
Is this what you are seeing?
hwong10601Author Commented:
Run to repaired Word and set the default program, still grayed out.

Yes that is what I am seeing on the screen.
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Ok, so I don't see a problem.  If you're seeing exactly what I showed.  Everything is normal.
My screenshot doesn't have an option "Send Email Messages". you can send the document as an attachment, to send as a link it must be saved in a shared folder for others(on your local network) to view or edit.
hwong10601Author Commented:
I was trying to send the word document not as attachment but on the actual body of the letter like a news letter. In Word there is an option called "Send Email Messages" this would put the document directly to the body of the letter. I believe it is found on the File>option>Quick access tool bar>drop down to all commands>Send Email Messages
Gotcha,  That option is used for mail merge,

Click on mailings, click select recipients, add person to email.

Now the "send e-mail messages" will be enabled.

There's actually more to get this to work but, this will get you on the right track.

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hwong10601Author Commented:
Using "Sent to Recipient" function actually works the same way without having to Do mail merge. But thank for the hint that works also.
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