newbie to SEO

Hi, I have been asked to look into some SEO work on our website after being stung by a few so called experts.

As there are so many so say experts out there. Can any one give me any pointers or decent sites to look at, to get me started.
The website is designed on wordpress and we have been using the 123 reg traffic optimization solution. which is only a few quid a month to get me going.

many thanks
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Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
And here is the Google page on the subject:   SEO used to be a lot more "important" when you could fool the search engines.  But the search engines like Google and Bing have gotten a lot smarter about things.  More and more they emphasize content over keywords and other items.  They also will penalize you if they find you using deceptive methods.

Here's the Bing page:
total123Author Commented:
thanks, I'll have a good read.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
If you are using WP, chances are your site is set up semantically correct to start with provided you did not do a lot of copy and paste from ms word.   I just watched this video and has some good advice including the very end with some security tipes.

The most important thing you can do though is nothing magic, it is create content.  Your content should be unique (not copy pasted from another site) and well written.  Write it for people, not search engines.  

Think of old fashioned PR(Public Relations).  Get the word out to the right people.  Without knowing your site or what you do, the who, what, how you will have to decide on your own.  Social media should be in this mix such as google+, linkedin, et el. Don't over do it and know the audience for each.

If you are small and local, the best thing is to update your google+/google  local information.  

Just for working on your site, these series of videos will help you get an understanding of what can and can't be done as well as how and how not to do things.

These two sources are some of the best for SEO along with their tools.  I'm not advocating to go out and buy, but at least read their sites:

One thing you will notice, especially with is they are talking more about inbound marketing rather then what we used to think of as SEO.  A good source to learn about inbound marketing is  They have a lot of good info and are ready to sell you an expensive tool but if you can learn to use google analytics and compare your own server analytics and study them every month, you will get some good insight.

With hubspot, notice the way they have landing pages throughout their site and search for inbound marketing on google and notice how they show up.  Apply for a demo and notice how they treat you and the type of messages you get throughout your process.  Just going through the demo is a good learning experience as to  how one company doing it right works.

Another for inbound marketing is and how their blog is set up  This site is worth looking into if for nothing else how they do things.

When you ask about SEO and you are looking for ways that people can find you, It does come down to having great content, well formed html and a few good people that are linking back to you.

Good Luck!

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total123Author Commented:
thank you scott
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