Need help creating a slot in my MB for firewire

I have the following ASUS  MB

All the slots are full with video card, sound card, etc. I want to start doing some video editing, but there is no room for a fire wire card.

I did my research for video capture - USB is not the way to go, the Black Magic USB capture devices are a nightmare to configure. The Canopus capture device uses fire wire. That is the way I will be going. I also have a camcorder with a HD/HDV output which I can connect to fire wire IF I had one.

I have heard of expansion cards that will allow me to add some ports. I am not a hardware expert - I was wondering if someone can give me some guidance here as to how to proceed.
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KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
I see you have 2 PCI slots and one PCIe. The only way to have (reliable) Firewire on your computer is to GIVE UP one slot! That's THE ONLY way. I actually don't believe you have these slots all used up??? Can you send a picture of the inside of your computer?
As you named your VGA (dedicated PCIe, I didn't list it as free), and sound, I believe you should still have 2 slots left.
Sasha KranjacAzure & Security Otaku, MVP, MCT, CEICommented:
The motherboard is equipped with following slots:
1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (blue)
1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 mode, black)
2 x PCI (light blue)

You will have to give up one slot if you want to add FireWire card.
FireWire cards come in two flavors - PCI and PCIe and can support FireWire400 and FireWire800 standards.

I don't know what other type of cards do you have but there are even some FireWire/USB cards combos (two controllers on one card) that can replace USB PCI controller card if you have such.

You are right - video editing REQUIRES FireWire as USB 2.0 does not have needed transfer rates.
I've seen some "wannabe" USB 3.0 video recording products (which could save you a PCI slot because your motherboard has USB 3.0 support) but these were unsuccessful attempts that have not been taken seriously and lacked most of the basic features.

Tip: buy quality FireWire and HDMI cables as poor quality cables can degrade performance and quality.
why do you need a sound card?  you have onboard sound; so i would remove it, and so free up a slot for your firewire card
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M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
It's a high end soundblaster card
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
Then you still have 2 slots open?  Unless you can name 2 more devices?
>>  It's a high end soundblaster card   <<  ok - but this does not answer my question - why you need it?
anayway - you have not very much other options imo
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
Video card takes up one slot but is so wide it covers the other one. THe other slots are soundblaster and the third video monitor card.
Sasha KranjacAzure & Security Otaku, MVP, MCT, CEICommented:
You could:
1. replace video card with slimmer model. Or you could use on board graphic processor if that will cover your video editing needs. Removing video card would make one PCI slot available. Onboard graphics support HDMI/DVI/RGB ports and maximum shared memory of 1748 MB with decent resolutions.

2. remove SoundBlaster audio card if you don't need it's advanced features to free one PCI slot. I don't know what model do you have but on board audio Realtek ALC 892 is quite powerful 7.1+2 channels audio processor. See this link for information.

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you still did not answer why you need the sound card, since there's one on-board; so you can easily remove that
..or replace the video card, as said above
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
All great solutions
Thank you
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