Server 2008 Standard to Server 2008 R2

Currently I have Proliant DL380 G5 server and I will be having two scenarios soon on which I need an advice.

1. Is it possible to have smooth upgrade from Server 2008 Standard to Server 2008 R2

2. What if I replace my hardware server entirely, is it possible to take the image from old server hardware and recover the image in new server hardware ?
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ibrahim52Team LeaderAsked:
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Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
Please go for option 1.

Image restoring to new hardware may cause BSOD(blue screen of death) sometimes.
ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
Yeah the server hardware is good enough for now but still I have multiple servers and was wondering to have everything into one powerful server hardware.

Also, how the procedure would be to upgrade. Just using the official DVD ? Because the main purpose of doing the upgrade is DHCP version. I can't allow or deny on existing Server 2008.
1 Upgrade Server 2008 Standard to Server 2008 R2 is supported. Link

2. Better option would be to Add the new server to the domain and promote that as DC.

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If the main reason for upgrade is DHCP option, I did that using "DHCP Server Callout DLL", that worked perfectly, Link Here With DHCP Callout, you can Allow/Deny based on mac in windows server 2008 standard.
ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
it works only on 32bit and not 64bit, i tried it long back and it doesn't work out whatsoever. Even if you search the whole internet, nobody was able to accomplish it properly on 64bit.
ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:

Good point, I should transfer the FSMO roles later raising it as main DC but one question, I have multiple dhcp scopes created for each department and it was created by someone else long back and got few manageable switches which I don't want to mess up with.

So, is it possible if make the new hardware server as additional DC and safely backup and restore the dhcp from the existing DC and discard or demote the main DC later ?
DHCP callout was improved and lateron support for 64-bit was added.

"When installing, both the dll (MacFilterCallout.dll) and the Setup document (SetupDHCPMacFilter.rtf) are copied to the %SystemRoot\%system32 folder. On 64-bit operating systems, the location for installation is %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64"
ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
Still Miftaul, if I tell you I have around 300 users and I am really looking at a shortcut way of denying the users through GUI than filling up the notepad. I am sorry I can try the solution you have posted but I tried and gave a lot of time already.
Its always good to rely on the built it OS functionality, and I agree R2 is the best option here as you decided.

The best option for you is to configure the DHCP scopes manually one at a time and once all the scopes are transferred to the new R2 server, demote the old server.

Here is how you transfer DHCP to a new server - Link Here
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Let me understand...

You have a 32 bit Server 2008 system with the DHCP Server Callout DLL.

You want to upgrade that IN PLACE to 2008 R2?

Very simple - You cannot.

There is no way to upgrade a 32 bit system to a 64 bit system without a clean install.

Why would you EVER restore DIRECTLY to hardware?  (Why is this running directly on hardware).  VIRTUALIZE.  Then you can move it to any hardware you want whenever you want.  

And you SHOULD migrate your DHCP config to 2008 R2/2012.  

As for migrating the MAC address list - have you seen this 4 year old blog post?
ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
I am talking about 64bit. I meant that Callout DLL works out of the box and very accurately only in 32Bit and in 64bit , it doesn't work properly.
ibrahim52Team LeaderAuthor Commented:
Haven't tried but I don't want to keep this question active till then so Thanks everyone and Ill post the results after I apply the solutions posted over here.
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