WSUS SBS2011 remove database?

Im running a SBS2011 server and setup wsus so that every workstation gets its updates directly from MS and not from WSUS. But the WSUS database is now 14Gb big and nothing to decrease this size helps. I tried to run the cleanup tool from wsus after de-select all possible products to update. Also tried to use the SQL management tool to shrink the database. But it still remain 14Gb.

- I detach the WSUSDB and can remove the DB. But what is the impact?
- Is it possible to create an new (clean) wsus DB?
- I not use WSUS anymore, so it isnt't an issues when it's gone
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Cris HannaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Has no consequence to the operation of the server.  However you will need to modify the SBS group policies that direct workstations to look for the updates from WSUS

Is the issue here that 14GB is taking up precious disk space?   Do you have another drive with more space?

Why do you want workstations to update directly?

My suggestion is that you follow the repair guide for WSUS on SBS 2011
try this solution:

1. Download Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express from here. Make sure you select the x86 or x64 version depending on your server architecture.

2. Install SQL Management Studio by selecting all defaults.

3. Open SQL Server Management Studio Express.

4. At the “Connect to Server” dialog, in the Server name field enter the  following string:


Select Windows Authentication and click Connect.

5. At this point SQL Management Studio Express will make a connection to the Windows Internal Database using a named pipes connection (one of the limitations of Windows Internal Database).

6. Find SUSDB database and you can try to use shrink database tools or other operation: move, delete etc...

here is detailed:
sitproAuthor Commented:
"6. Find SUSDB database and you can try to use shrink database tools or other operation: move, delete etc..."

as i said: i allready try to shrink the DB.
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So if you do not need WSUS (you said: I not use WSUS anymore), just disable wsus service and phisicaly remove database (You can use SQL management for database removing and check phisical location for db files)

If you will need this in future, you can try to reinstall/recover wsus by instructions:
Cris HannaCommented:
So if you are not using WSUS to keep server and workstations updated, what are u using?
sitproAuthor Commented:
2 questions:

1. Is i remove Wsus and the DB, what consequence does this have for the working of the machine?

2. What can i do else to reduce the size of the DB?
You do not need to remove WSUS completely, if you do not need this, just disable wsus service in administrative tools- > services and just remove DB file.

also remember to modify Group policy for direct windows update from internet on client workstations if you realy do not need WSUS.

In future if you need this again you can follow for repair.

But if you have just disk space problem, just remove DB and recreate it following URL above.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Two things:

WSUS is meant to help reduce bandwidth in your environment, having each client pointed to Microsoft will increase this drastically.

You can move the Database and WSUScontent to another larger drive and not have to worry about disk space problems.

How to Move WSUS Content and Database Files to a Different Volume
sitproAuthor Commented:
Ik know the procedure to move the DB and im aslo familiar with the benefits of reducing bandwith, but i'm still hoping for an awnser how to reduze the size of the DB.
Cris HannaCommented:
You indicated that you already performed the WSUS cleanup wizard and used the SQL management tools and neither resulted in the database shrinking.  there are no other secret methods.  The only option in would seem is to uninstall and delete the database file.  Then follow the instructions in the repair guide that I posted the link for to reinstall
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