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Microsoft Exchange 2013

I have two customers in the same building that want to bring their hosted Exchange email accounts back in house.  They use two different email addresses ie and

Does Exchange 2013 allow me to create and manage two completely seperate email addresses on one server using the same internet connection and if so, can you provide me with the basics of how this would occur?

Thx in advance.
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Yes you can have more than one address on one server. You have to add both domains as a trusted domains (
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I'm assuming I'm going to need two statics coming into the building?  One for each that then must be ported accordingly?
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Are you referring at the MX record. You only need one pointing at your exchange server.
If I have the exchange server using two different addresses, IE and, how will it know which is which if I don't have seperate MX records?

That feeling, when you know you are asking a really stupid question, but just aren't grabbing the whole picture.....
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No you have to create both mx records which will point same IP address
Create an A record for the IP address.
And point both the MX record to that same A record.