Getting my site to work with Railo

Posted on 2014-01-05
Last Modified: 2014-03-04
I have a website that works fine using Coldfusion and now I am trying to get it to work using Railo.  When I am comparing values from a query I am getting the error:

Msg: can't compare complex object types as simple value

I have a line of code that looks like the following:
<cfif getThreadID.LoggedInUsersOnly EQ 0>

If I use cfdump to look at the value it displays:

Native Array (byte[])
Raw      [0]
Base64 Encoded      AA==

What do I have to do differently so that it works using Railo?

Also, the URL that I am using to view my site is: localhost:8888/index.cfm. Having the port number in the URL seems to be causing me problems when I am trying to load css, js, and other files.  Is there anything that I can do in the Railo admin so that I can use localhost without the port number?

Thank you for your help
Question by:WestCoast_BC
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Expert Comment

ID: 39758117
What's the source of getThreadID.LoggedInUsersOnly? If it's from a db query - which db - and what's the column data type?

seems to be causing me problems when I am trying to load css, js, and other files
Can you be more specific? The port number shouldn't make any difference to relative url's. However, you should be able to change the port number to the default port 80 (assuming it's available on your machine).

... you can choose a different port by editing the following line in the jetty.xml configuration file.

<Set name="port"><Property name="jetty.port" default="8888"/></Set>

Open in new window

If you do choose port 80, make sure that IIS and the Apache webserver are not running.

Author Comment

ID: 39758145
Question 1: getThreadID.LoggedInUsersOnly is from a db query.  The column data type is Bit(1)

Question 2: When I try to load a js or css file and I just a relative URL it does not find the file, I get an error.  My code works fine using Coldfusion.  I was wondering if the port number in the url is my problem since I don't have a port number in my URL when I run using Coldfusion
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Expert Comment

ID: 39758176
Which db? I know mySQL sometimes returns binary when you're not expecting it. From the error it sounds like that's what's happening.   The causes can vary. I'd need to know the exact mySQL version, driver version and query used.  As a quick workaround, try casting the column as an UNSIGNED INTEGER in your SQL query. See if that fixes the error: (AFAIK MySQL doesn't allow casting to smallint, etc...)

          SELECT   CAST( YourColumn AS UNSIGNED INTEGER) AS LoggedInUsers

EDIT: RE URL's, I've never had that problem w/Railo, but I don't think the different port number should make any difference unless you were using a full URL, such as:   http://localhost/app/someFile.css. In that case it *would* make a difference. Assuming you're not, can you give post a small example showing the paths you're trying and the exact error message?

CSS location:   c:/railo/www/myApp/css/styles.css
TestScript.cfm location:   c:/railo/www/myApp/testPage.cfm
HTML/CFML Code:    <link ....>
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Author Comment

ID: 39758358
DB Info:
I am using mySQL 5.0.19

My query looks like:
<CFQUERY NAME="getThreadID" DATASOURCE="#application.defDSN#">
      SELECT      LoggedInUsersOnly
      FROM      thread_threads
      WHERE      ThreadID = <cfqueryparam value="#URL.ThreadID#" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_INTEGER">

As for my URL it seems to be using the full url, ie, http://localhost:888/....

I am accessing my site by using : http://localhost:8888/index.cfm.  I can't get anything else to work for me.

In my code I am accessing the file using a relative path, ie, js/myjs.js but when I look at the console it seems to be using the full URL

Author Comment

ID: 39758378
I am thinking that instead of changing all of my code to cast my result that it might be easier for me to modify my database and change all of my fields that are of type bit to integer.  Are there other datatypes that I should avoid using?
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Assisted Solution

_agx_ earned 500 total points
ID: 39758502
You might also try BOOLEAN. I *think* that worked for me in one case.

Unfortunately I don't know all of the rules for when the mySQL returns the result as binary instead of a string, number, etc... and it varies depending on the exact driver version. For example, your code worked fine for me w/a BIT column and Railo 4.1.  You could try a different driver. Find one that doesn't return the result as binary, but I think your idea of changing the column data type is simpler.

> when I look at the console it seems to be using the full URL

If your code uses a relative URL, it should be fine. As far as what the console displays, as long as it's displaying the correct port ie localhost:8888, then again it should still work. Assuming your actual files really are in the correct place. Hard to say whether they are though without an example of the actual paths or the full error message.

What happened you changed the port to the default 80?

Author Comment

ID: 39759798
I just tried changing my port to 80 by setting the following in the jetty.xml file:
<Set name="port"><Property name="jetty.port" default="80"/></Set>

I stopped and restarted Railo and I don't have Apache and IIS running. I have not installed IIS or Apache on this computer.

When I try to access my site by trying:
localhost:80/index.cfm (when I try this it automatically changes to localhost/index.cfm) or localhost/index.cfm I get:

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to localhost

When my port is set to 8888 when I run the site I get errors in the console like:
GET http://localhost:8888/js/datetime.js 404 (Not Found)  and I think I have just figured out what that problem is. When running Coldfusion the case of the file names is not important.  I see when running Railo that file name case is important.

I think with the combination of changing the datatypes from bit to boolean in my database  and fixing the file name case I should be able to get everything working.

Thank you for all of your help!
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Expert Comment

ID: 39759865
Oh... yeah, you may be right. I remember with CF10 (running on Tomcat) I think it may be case sensitive. Ugh... I remember reading there might be a setting to disable that.  If it's a Tomcat setting it should work for Railo too. Let me see if I can find it.

Author Comment

ID: 39759927
Do you know of any good resources that have information about converting coldfusion tags that are not supported by Railo?
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Expert Comment

ID: 39760201
I don't know of anything official. I pretty much look up issues as they occur in the Railo docs and their google groups.  

BTW, the two issues you encountered aren't really related to Railo. One is likely due to the behavior of the mySQL driver used (which could occur on any platform) and the other is due to Tomcat config.
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Accepted Solution

_agx_ earned 500 total points
ID: 39760217

Author Comment

ID: 39760304
Thank you for all of your help!
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Expert Comment

ID: 39760637
You're welcome. Any time :)

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