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Losing User Account Settings

I have a notebook that has lost the user settings, three times. Unable to login. What can cause this? The user says he has done nothing unusual.

Of course he thinks the notebook is a "Lemon"

My remedy the first time was to restore the notebook to factory. I then created two user accounts. The second time, I created a new account from my login, and copied his "My Document" files to this new user account.

I am looking to do the same, again, but wonder if a bad hard drive or memory could be the cause of this problem.
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Odds that hardware would cause such a specific problem are pretty rare.  This looks more like some kind of malware / virus. run malwarebytes, tdsskiller.

To judge this, we need details that go beyond "Unable to login". What is the error message?
"lost the user settings" - what makes you think it has lost (which) settings?
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Unknown why, this is the third time. No way to recover. The first time, only one user account, so had to reload factory... Second time I had added another user account, and was able to create a new account using that, moved the data from the "bad" account, and deleted the account.  That was nearly 8 months ago. It has happened again.
I tried to ask two questions. Please answer both.
And have you run the diagnostics I suggested?
No diags run yet, but here is the message.

The User Profile Service service failed the logon.
User profile cannot be loaded.

There are two logons with the same problem on this notebook.

I logged on with a third Administrator account, and was successful logging in.
memtest86+ v4.20 running...first pass no errors, running for a few hours.
If after 3 passes there aren't any errors, you can assume that the RAM is fine. After that run the disk diagnostics.
Memtest ok, Need a hard drive test routine for this notebook's hard drive.
It's included on the UBCD.
I don't trust Conduit when trying to create the ISO. It Conduit installs into the O/S. I've found viruses embedded in the past.
What do you mean with "Conduit"? The UBCD is a collection of free/OpenSource tools that come on a bootable CD. There is nothing you would have to install. Just download the iso and burn it. If you go to their download link you'll also find checksums, so you can verify that your iso is good.
memtest found no errors, HDD quick test found no errors, no virus found. I wonder if the user is turning off the computer during an update? This seems to be a common problem to Vista and his Windows 7. Although I've never seen it anywhere but in his ASUS notebook.

CONDUIT wants to be installed when downloading the UBCD, and another app if you refuse CONDUIT. I refused the second app, and was told refusing both would cancel the download. It didn't, and the ISO burned, but failed a verify pass. I booted it and ran the tests anyway.

Now I'm going to fiddle with the Registery to "Repair" the user login for two login User Ids, and see if I can get them working.  I am still trying to find out WHY this has happened, since it most likely will happen again if all I can do is correct the symptom.
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Nothing needs to be installed when you download the UBCD. At least not if you use a normal download mirror. The UBCD is hosted by several sites, some of them may have require some extras. If you hover over the download link of the mirror site, you should see the link with the iso file, for example: Those mirrors that show the iso like that (the first 4 mirror sites on the site do), don't require you to install anything or download anything else.
No one knows how this happens. I can fix the symptom, but the problem will occur again.
I now have another client that is experiencing this same problem.
What is causing this?  AVG running an update before logon?
I just don't know why Windows 7 Pro has this problem.