Similar case as Q27956847.

Hi EE,

I´m looking for a solution very much the same as the case described in Q27956847. Only difference is that in this case I would like the UDF to get the row number where the maximum value(s) is(are) found. Range of data is on column G. Please refer to sample file Book1.xls attached.

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ButlerTechnologyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry -- Remove the msgbox HighestValue line -- I was using that for testing.
Try the below UDF:
Public Function MaxRow(rRange As Range) As Integer
Dim cCell As Variant
Dim Highestvalue As Single
Dim iRow As Integer
    For Each cCell In rRange
    If cCell.Value > Highestvalue Then
        Highestvalue = cCell.Value
        iRow = cCell.Row
        MsgBox Highestvalue
    End If
MaxRow = iRow
End Function

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capterdiAuthor Commented:
It works, but before getting to the result, windows with numbers and an OK button keep popping up until you are done with the last one.
capterdiAuthor Commented:
That´s it. Perfect.

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