Internet Security for Linux

What are some good Internet Security/antivirus programs, and Firewalls for Linux, specifically for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
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John-Charles-HerzbergConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Top 5 Anti virus for Ubuntu

1. ClamAV Antivirus
2. Free Avast Linux Home Edition
3. AVG Antivirus
4. F-PROT Antivirus
5. BitDefender
Ip tables is the firewall built into most distribution of Linux.
madunixChief Information Security Officer Commented:
You can run Linux without AV, for *nix systems Patching... is a must! also use the right user:group, access permission, turn off unwanted services, disable unused modules, tune/hardening  server,  hide configuration files, restrict access, firewall would help to protect the system. If you want AV, check out ClamAV, rkhunter, chkrootkit and avg scanners

As a firewall you can block IP Address using Fail2ban and IPTables
100questionsAuthor Commented:
Clam AV works for Linux.
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