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Windows 7 not updatting

I am running Windows 7 64 bit OS. I am having all kind of issues with my wives laptop. It will not update and I have tried everything I can think of to get it to update. I attempted to load Windows 7 SP1 but it did not load either. I have scanned for virus and ran all the different programs supplied by Microsoft but no luck. I want to do an upgrade using my Windows 7 disk but since we have been using the finger print scan to log on neither I nor my wife remember our passwords.
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This will help if you need to Reset a Windows 7 Password
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What kind of messages are returned when you attempt the update?
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I can logon to the laptop because it scans my finger print. I was thinking that since my wife and I are both administrators on the laptop I could remove her password then give her a new password. Then she could logon and remove my password and give me a new password. Would this work or am I about to mess something up?
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If you are a machine administrator and she is able to supply a password instead of swiping it will work.
When I say update I am talking about Windows update including the Service patch. I attempted to load it from a direct download and it set there all night without loading.
The issues with the passwords are that I cannot change my password without knowing the previous password, my wife needs her password to get onto her account once I do an upgrade on it because the finger scan will not work for that. I guess that I could load all of her documents on a thumb drive then remove her account, upgrade the system and load her new account.
You can if you are an administrator.  Go to user accounts.  Find your wifes account and you can change it there without knowing the previous password.
Did you follow my instructions above? If you do it that way it should not prompt you for your old password.