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I created a script that copies an entire directory from a mapped server drive to a mapped NAS drive.  The script works but I'm trying to make it more efficient if possible.  Please see code example at the bottom for structure. The important piece is that a 1 folder is copied to 65 subfolders in different Apartment property folders (ie. Apartment A, B, C, D, Etc.)  

My questions are

A.) Can robocopy create the "Pm-Master-ALL" directory?  Because I couldn't get this to work.  I had to first create the directory and then copy into it.  Otherwise it was copying all the contents but not making the directory.

B.) I tried to condense this into a 1 line script by adding a * after Sites so it looked like this...
for /d %%a in (\\company-nas\cloud-files\Shared\Sites\*) do robocopy /e "\\west-sbs\share\operations\PM Master - ALL" "%%a"

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Well that worked but again it wasn't creating the directory.  That's when I just went in and added a line for every Apartment folder.  


for /d %%a in (\\company-nas\cloud-files\Shared\Sites\Apartments-A\PM-Master-ALL) do robocopy /e "\\west-sbs\share\operations\PM Master - ALL" "%%a"

for /d %%a in (\\company-nas\cloud-files\Shared\Sites\Apartments-B\PM-Master-ALL) do robocopy /e "\\west-sbs\share\operations\PM Master - ALL" "%%a"

for /d %%a in (\\company-nas\cloud-files\Shared\Sites\Apartments-C\PM-Master-ALL) do robocopy /e "\\west-sbs\share\operations\PM Master - ALL" "%%a"

for /d %%a in (\\company-nas\cloud-files\Shared\Sites\Apartments-D\PM-Master-ALL) do robocopy /e "\\west-sbs\share\operations\PM Master - ALL" "%%a"

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If I've understood your requirements correctly, this should be as simple as adding the subfolder name to the end of the robocopy command in your first example:

for /d %%a in (\\company-nas\cloud-files\Shared\Sites\*) do robocopy /e "\\west-sbs\share\operations\PM Master - ALL" "%%a\PM Master - ALL"

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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
That's correct. RoboCopy expects the target folder having to receive the content of the source folder - and the source folder name is not part of that. However, the target root folder provided will be created if necessary.
Vontech615Author Commented:
Damn, that worked!  I consider myself NOT a scripting guru by any means but pretty darn good at GOOGLE and I couldn't find much on creating folders with this script.  I failed I suppose, should have come here first. Thanks again.
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You're welcome :-)
Vontech615Author Commented:
I know this is closed but wanted to also ask if there was a way to included folder names with spaces within this script.  For example some of my Apartment names had spaces and normally you add quotes within windows cmd but that wasn't working.  This is for the piece within the parenthesis.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Probably that is because the FOR var already contains double quotes, which mix up with those used in RoboCopy:
for /d %%a in ("\\company-nas\cloud-files\Shared\Sites\*") do robocopy /e "\\west-sbs\share\operations\PM Master - ALL" "%%~a\PM Master - ALL"

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The ~ will remove surrounding double quotes from the folder path of FOR.
Vontech615Author Commented:
That's it.  Thanks!
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