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The original question is this:

New MacBook and i now can't connect to a wifi location. I've travelled with it for  veral weeks successfully connecting to networks. Now at this new location I'm getting connection timed out. In the past I could connect witout making any settings changes. I've looked at keychains and don't see the network, I've cut and pasted the password to make sure it wasn't a typo, turned off wifi restarted, etc. My phone, Samsung, will connect fine as well as my Kindle but not this Mac.

I had the admin restart the router but still the same time out.

After lookibng at a few things posted I finally reset the pram/nvram and when I tried to access the nework it worked. I opened a webpage without difficulty. I looked under system preferences and I was connecting to the router on channel 13 which is supposed to be out of bounds for a US MAC.

Anyway when I wnet to go to another web page the broweser hung.As I was impatient I restarted the system. After reboot I was experiencing the same thing as above. Tried the pram/nvram reset - not sure how long to holdit but I did  it longer than the previous one.

Didn't work as I can't connect.
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I've not seen this before, but have you tried nuking the Wireless connection in the Network system preferences and then rebuilding it; double-checking all of your parameters? If you have, or if this doesn't work, have the admin check the channel that the wireless router is transmitting on and perhaps change it if necessary.  You are correct that in the 2.4 GhZ range channel 11 should be the top most channel.

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xmouserAuthor Commented:
Any links on nuking, not seeing an option to delete in preferences.
My daughter in England had a similar problem which was fixed by switching the channel to one in the 1-11 range.
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xmouserAuthor Commented:
That's on the ISP side that I can't control.  I'm getting network access commercially where I'm staying.
yeah, just go into the System Preferences and Network an delete the Wireless connection. You may need to turn it off first on the Mac.  Once it's gone, set it up again.
xmouserAuthor Commented:
Deleting and resetting it up did not help.
Is it still trying to access on a non-standard channel?
xmouserAuthor Commented:
How do I tell what channel it is trying to connect on if it doesn't connect? The previous information I got about channel 13 was after the connection not an attempt.
As per my earlier post System Profiler will list all wifi connections within range and their channel numbers, whether or not you are connected
xmouserAuthor Commented:
I'm seeing system information which I think is the same thing. It's showing Channel: 6, +1 now without connecting.
Run Software Update and make sure your system software is up to date.

Pull Apple Menu down to About this Mac and let us know what system software is installed now.
Are you sure that you have the encryption set the same on the Mac as on the router:  WEP, WPA, WPA2 and if WPA2?
xmouserAuthor Commented:
Uh, how do I run software updte if I don't have an internet connection? Just prior to arriving I checked for updates and there were nonee.

Encryption - WPA, yes, all the other devices I have can connect. I have a tech coming out this evening.
Sorry, I thought your internet connection problem was intermittent. If you checked prior to arriving, there is probably nothing new in the interim.
xmouserAuthor Commented:
I've had three separate people look at the network I'm trying to asses to no avail. Finally I've borrowed a laptop for the interim time period so I can get some work done.

Thanks for all the info and support.
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