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Unable to create new Mailboxes in Exchange 2007


We had an issue last week where the Data Stores on Exchange needed clearing out. At the same time we were unable to create new mailboxes, when we went through the wizard and the timer starts showing the new mailbox being created it wouldn't actually create the mailbox.

The time would just go on and on.
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Stelian Stan
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Check if default / primary database status is showing mouted, if not mount that and check.

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What's the error please .

Are the databases mounted.

Did you see anything on event viewer
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No errors, the Elapsed Time just keeps going and going. Where in Event Viewer should I be looking for errors?

The databases are mounted
Is Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service running?

Yes that service is running
Open Event Viewer and navigate to Windows Logs > Application
I started to create a new Mailbox and watch Windows Logs > Application at the same time, the only entry I see is: "The Directory Service Referral interface (RFRI) received a client request on RPC protocol sequence ncacn_ip_tcp.  RFRI is returning the Domain Controller name"
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Probably the Exchange server was not able to communicate to any DC.
Wasn't a root cause fix