Web blocker exceptions

I have blocked facebook.com in web blocker categories but i want to allow only one specific page(www.facebook.com\kwalitysa), when i add the exception it deny also that page.

Is there any way to allow that page?

XTM 525 - OS (11.8)
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dhoffman_98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
See if your rule set pays attention to the order in which the rules apply.

In most cases, the first rule that matches will win.

So if you have your kwalitysa URL before the general facebook.com URL then it would match and go through.

In other words... if you have a DENY on "facebook.com" and that rule matches, then there's no reason to continue testing additional rules. So it never gets to the next one.
MOBBAuthor Commented:
Thank you WIZARD
It works perfectly...
Thank you for the feedback.
Glad to help.
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