How to delete a Citrix profile

Hi guys

Am I right in saying that to delete a citrix user profile I delete the profile from the Xenhost servers the same way I delete a normal windows profile through the system properties window?  If not can someone please give me some guidance to a citrix rookie.



PS Happy New year to all
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Raheman M. AbdulSenior Infrastructure Support Analyst & Systems DeveloperCommented:
Open the Director, in the user title bar of the Help Desk view, Select the computer where the profile is located-> reset Profile -> Reset

Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:

Presumably, since you put XenApp 6.5 into your tags, a link to XenDesktop 7 won't be that helpful.

If you are not running Citrix Universal Profile Management (or any other third party application such as AppSense) then, yes, deleting the profile from the C:\Users folder will have the same affect as deleting it from a workstation in as much as, if it's a roaming profile, it'll be re-copied at next login.

If it is a local profile, then a brand new one will be created, but it's unlikely to be a local profile to be honest.

If you really need to remove all traces, as well as removing the local copy from all Citrix servers, you need to delete it from the profiles share too (I tend to rename them, just in case, first).

Now if you are using Citrix UPM there will be a share somewhere on a file server and you can delete (rename) the profile there and it has the same affect.

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cybersiAuthor Commented:
Hi Tony
I am completely novice with citrix is there somewhere from within citric I can check to see where this share will be? There are over 60 servers so will be great if I know where yo look.
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cybersiAuthor Commented:
Hi Raheman

Many thanks for coming back to me.  Good job I didnt do what i thought was required.  As you can see in the photo I dont have a director do you mean the Citrix AppCenter?


Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Hi Cybersi,

If you're using UPM then there will be a related Group Policy in AD. Unfortunately you'd have to dig for it a bit, but it will have Citrix in the name.

There are support scripts too -

I've assumed you're using 5.x (if at all). Bear in mind you may not be using it at all, so in the first instance I would just look into the profiles share to see if they have a profile.

In fact, having said that, check their user account in Active Directory Users and Computers first - see if they have a profile path and/or a remote desktop services (or terminal server depending on the AD age) tab
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Si - whilst I hate to say it, unfortunately, the link you were provided by Raheman was utterly irrelevant - that refers to Citrix XenDesktop 7 which is a workstation, desktop, virtualisation (i.e. VDI) technology.
cybersiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Tony will check in the morning.
cybersiAuthor Commented:
Hi Tony

I cant see anything re UPM. (im guessing that UPM stands for User Profile Management?)

I did see this under GPOs on the Citrix farm OU.  Do you think this is where the profiles are stored? And if so shall I just delete from there?  And sorry one more question I do see a user folder under c:\users\%username%.

Just want to be sure as I'm in learning mode at the mo.


cybersiAuthor Commented:
Sorry Tony following on from above the folders I did mention in c:\users are 0 in data size. Do I need to delete these too?
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Hi Si - apologies for the delays getting back to you. Got snowballed at work.

Yeah the path in the group policy is where the users roaming profiles are.

At this point I wouldn't touch them on the server. Just delete the folders on the C:\Users path (even the 0KB ones) on the Citrix server.

I suspect the 0KB ones wouldn't delete via the normal mechanism.

If you really want to be careful, just create a new folder and cut and paste all the existing ones into it - noting you won't be able to move or delete any for users logged into that server at the time, as you'd expect.
cybersiAuthor Commented:
Worked like a dream thanks
Tony JohncockLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Brilliant! Glad you resolved it mate and thanks for letting me know (and the points!) :-)
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