Why mails only received with CC but not TO in Exchange?

This is using MS Exchange 2010 server. Recently, there are 2 users told me that they can't received mails if their email addresses were put in "TO", but received if put in "CC", why?

How can I troubleshoot the prblem? thanks!
MichaelBalackSenior System EngineerAsked:
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I can't think of any of the top of my head, other than rules.  I had a user that had tried to make some rules, but didn't know what she really wanted it to do, so it ended up taking incoming mail and putting it into some random folder.

I also had a user who thought they had intermittent mail, some came others did not, turned out he had it sorted by "attachment" so the mails he "got" were only the ones with attachments.

I would send a couple of emails to the person from both internal and external accounts, then run the tracelog and see if the agents are moving them or if the server shows delivered.  If delivered, then I would start looking at the user's specific outlook
I agree. The most likely cause is mailbox rules created by the user. It may well be that the users have set up a rule for "When an email is sent to usersemailaddress". This would apply the rule when their email address is in the to field (and subsequently move it to whichever folder they've specified) but wouldn't apply the rule when their email address is in the CC field.
Break it up into 2 steps:

-Delivery of the message.
-Reading of the message.

To test the delivery of the message, send an email and request a delivery receipt.  If you send it from within the same Exchange Organization, you will receive the delivery receipt upon delivery.

If you cannot test delivery from within the same organization, send a test message from an external address to the user(s) and use the Message Tracking Wizard to track the message through to the delivery.

Once you've verified delivery, see if you can see the message from your own outlook clients.  Add the user(s)' mailbox to your outlook profile (assuming you have outlook) and check for the message.  Keep in mind there might be server side rules moving the message.  If you cannot find the message, check the server side and client side rules for the user(s).  If it only happens when they're in the TO line, look for any rules that state "Where I am in the to field" or "Addressed To Me".  Take note of the actions to take on messages matching that filter, as they could be deleting the message or simply moving the message.

When sending test messages from the outside, include someone with a known good mailbox on the CC and TO lines, such as your own account.  This will verify the message did make it into your exchange organization and rule out external mail routing.

Hope that helps!

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MichaelBalackSenior System EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi piattnd,

Thanks for the terminology. I will liaise with the affected users to get thing sorted out. Wait for my updates.
MichaelBalackSenior System EngineerAuthor Commented:
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