Repotec RP-PE16T/8 PoE Switch. Which default IP address?

This is a rack mount switch from 2006 with 8 standard and 8 PoE Fast Ethernet ports, 16 in total.
It should be able to manage with a built-in Web-SMART tool.

On the rear is a reset switch. When pushed, which IP address will the switch have?

I tried all the usual suspects (, .100, .254, etc.) but it remains silent.

Could I connect it to a WinXP laptop and run a tool to find out?

The switch runs fine as is, though unmanaged of course.
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Gustav BrockCIOAsked:
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Craig BeckCommented:
I don't think the switch actually has any management features - it's just a dumb switch.

The website only suggests that it can be used to segment your network but there's no mention of 802.1q or any other VLAN technology.

The specification page also mentions nothing about management features.
Based on  the attached manual, this switch is an unmanaged switch, so no ip address.
Gustav BrockCIOAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you, but that's a trap. The PE16T8A is - I think - a "thrinked" version of PE16T8 in a plastic case where the management has been removed.

I have binged/googled all over but cannot find any reference to the PE16T8.

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Craig BeckCommented:
I think one version is just in a different case, for aesthetic reasons.

The managed version is a different product...
I guess you could try putting your laptop in a network, connect it to the switch and try scanning for the ip with a ip scanning tool, or ping the broadcast ip.

I have also in the past entered an static arp entry on my windows laptop for a device were I didn't know the ip, but was connected directly to it. If you know the mac address of the switch you could try it.

arp -s x.x.x.x  ab-12-cd-34-ef-56

x for ip address you want to assign and the mac address of the switch. Make sure your laptop in in the same subnet.

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Gustav BrockCIOAuthor Commented:
But be aware that it is an old switch not marketed any more.

I cannot tell for sure if it is managed. Perhaps not. If so, however, I find it very strange that it clearly is labelled on the front: Web-SMART. The -A model doesn't carry that label.

And if unmanaged, what purpose fills a reset button?

Thanks for tip regarding the mac address and arp. I didn't know that command was at hand in Windows.

No problem. Usually a managed switch would have some type of console interface also, so you can access it out of band. Does this switch have one? As for the reset button, that is a good question, maybe to flush any tables on the device, or it may very well be a managed switch after all.
Gustav BrockCIOAuthor Commented:
No, that was my first though - serial connector. But no.
I'm leaving office now, but will continue tomorrow. Or order a new switch ...

Gustav BrockCIOAuthor Commented:
I got the obvious(!) idea to contact Repotec support, and they are fast and precise.

For anyone interested I attach the manual.
The default IP address is, and password is admin.

Still, I appreciate your input so I'll simply divide the points.

Gustav BrockCIOAuthor Commented:
The attached manual provides the info requested.
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