Multi-screens not working after upgrading to Windows 8.1

I've a four-monitor display that was all working fine for Windows 7.

I upgraded to Windows 8 and immediately after Windows 8.1 After the Windows 8 upgrade two of the monitors were working fine but the other two just displayed the same screen - so in effect I have three screens, with two of the monitors showing the same screen.

After upgrading to Windows 8.1 the problem remains.

When looking at my display drivers it shows
NVIDIA GeForce 6200 (disabled)
NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE

I've tried installing the latest NVIDIA drivers for Windows 8 but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.

When I look at the personalise screen settings and click "detect" a little grey monitor appears with "Another display not detected" on it (see attached picture).

Any suggestions on what to do next?
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Do you have a seperate icon in control panel for "NVIDIA control panel"?  If so, might want to try poking around in there a bit under display->multiple displays.

Let us know if anything in there helps, or if you dont have that icon.
purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Well I do - but that's even worse, it only recognises two monitors :(
Did you already try this:   Lets do a sanity check and confirm all monitors are working properly by switching around thier cables (such that the ones that are not being detected are moved to cables that do detect the monitor).

Do the monitors that are not being detected power-on with a green LED, or do they stay in standby/sleep mode(usually a yellow LED)?

Have you also tried ye-olde-tyme fix of unplug and reconnect all cables?
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purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Sorry been trying to do some other work (on three monitors) - I haven't tried switching the cables or any other hardware checks on the grounds that it was all working for Windows 7 so I'm thinking it isn't hardware related, however I'll have a look at switching cables first thing tomorrow to see what happens.

Just to be clear - all four monitors are working fine, in that they are displaying stuff, the problem is two of them are displaying the same stuff, so if the screens are:

1    2
3    4

screens 2 and 4 have the same content - basically it is 4 that seems to be the problem as the mouse can only enter and leave screen 2, i.e. from 1 to 2, it can't go from 3 to 4.

Also something strange happened earlier today - I tried running Agent Ransack and discovered it seemed to have "opened" on screen 4 - it was running but I couldn't see it, and only by clicking "Move" and moving it back to the left did it appear on screen 3.
purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Ok here is an update. The problem is happening on my NVIDIA 6200 card which supports two monitors (the other card is a different make and works fine).

One slot just mirrors what is being shown in the other slot - that's the problem.

Any further suggestions?
I know it's a pain but I would pobably disconnect the non NVIDA, just to see if that allows the NVIDA to display different immages.  Obviously this SHOULD not have an effect, but worth double checking.  If this DOES work, then that would at least elminate the NVIDA card being defective as a possibility.  It would also indicate that this is definately a sotware only issue (windows or nvida).

I assume you've double checked the cabling-  does the NVIDA have two monitor cables going into it, or a single "split-tail" cable?  (basically I want to make sure you try using two seperate cables, individually connected, if thats even possible on that card.  Eliminate possible cable issue.)

I see a few posts back you mentioned the NVIDA control panel only displays two monitors.  But since you are using a diferent card on the other two monitors, this kind of makes sence.  Perhaps there are some options your overlooked last time in the nvida control panel that might help.
purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
ok that's useful - I'm just about finished for the day but I'll pick up on these ideas on Monday - thanks!
ok, have a great weekend!
purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I tried changing the NVIDIA control panel screen from "aspect ratio" to "full screen" but this made two of my screens go blank, I tried setting it back again but they remained blank.

I restarted and they were still blank - I restarted again and now all four of my screens are blank.

I've tried removing one video card - all screens are blank and I can't see anything. I tried switching over so there is just the other video card in - when I log in I can see the sign in screen, but when I sign in, all four screens are blank, however on two of them I can see the white mouse pointer.

I have tried rebooting in low resolution mode but I get the same problem.

So basically now all four of my screens are blank.
oh, nasty:  just from making one change in the nvida software!

Especially odd that a second reboot, made two MORE screens go blank, even without any additional configuration changes!  (the only thing I'm able to think of to explain this, is some kind of software/drive got installed/updated/removed after the first reboot, and took effect after the second.  This in turn makes me suspect a full uninstall/reinstall of the video card drivers and software might help.)

"when I log in I can see the sign in screen, but when I sign in, all four screens are blank, however on two of them I can see the white mouse pointer."   Ok, so they are at least awake and functional since you can see the mouse pointer.  Is it possible that they are showing parts of the screen that just dont have any icons on them now?  If you right click, on one of those blank areas do you get a popup menu?  If so, you can get into the window display settings, to see what they say-  maybe the monitor assignements are not correct for one video card.

You mentioned "low resolution mode", do you mean actual SAFE mode?  You should definately have ONE screen function in safe mode, if not, this would indicate, probable hardware problem (though all the issues you describe REALLY do seem like they are software issues).  

You took out one of the cards and tested:  What happens when you test with only the OTHER card installed? (Which one did you remove in your test, the nvida, or other?)
purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
This is what happened when I tried with each separate card.

With the ASUS card - which seemed to be working fine when I originally wrote this bug - this was the card the two working screens and two working monitors was running from - when I just ran with this card by itself both screen were blank.

When I tried with just the NVIDIA card I got the one screen working on both monitors, so two monitors working but the same screen on both monitors.

I finally got something working by doing a system restore - in Windows 8 one of the safe mode options is just running in low res mode but that didn't fix my problem - I still had the blank monitors, it was only going back to a system restore point that got something working.

I've now got one screen working on two monitors, but the NVIDIA driver has vanished! The NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE that was working is now missing, I just have the original disabled GeForce 6200 driver, and now an "Intel (R) Q45/Q43 Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1) display adapter is showing.
Intel Display adapter?  I dont suppose you motherboard ACTUALLY has an onboard video card, does it?  If so, make sure it's disabled is BIOS before booting to windows.
If not,  then thats pretty freaky for a non-existing device to just show up like that- I'll have to think on what that could indicate.  
"The nvida driver has vanished", I assume you mean i device managr?  (Can you see it if you enable "hiden devices" from the menu? If so, this means windows has decided that the card has been removed.)
Does manually re-installing your latest downloaded NVIDA driver get the device to show up properly, in devmgr, and eliminate the Intel?

I really think those two blank screens you see when using just the ASUS card are parts of the windows screen without icons-  do you have anything to support or reject this?  Granted, with just that card installed, it SHOULD put the main start menu windows one of those two screens.  Hmm, I guess an activated onboard video card could cause this behavior too.

I'm not sure if this is an option for you,  but since running ONLY the nvidia card STILL has problems-  you could, with only the NVIDA card installed, probably get some help from the card's tech support.   They will definatly be able to reply to tests faster than I.
purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I managed to open a ticket with NVIDIA support - I didn't realise you could do this, but I have and someone has responded. He has suggested totally removing all the NVIDIA software and reinstalling which is what I'll try doing next.

I'll keep EE updated on what is happening.
purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Ok I've got another update. I had a look at the display cards again and I hadn't put the ASUS card back in again properly which was why it had stopped working. I re-set it and restarted and now I have three monitors back again.

I uninstalled all NVIDIA software and reinstalled. Now the GeForce 6200 LE driver has returned.

However I still have the problem with the NVIDIA card which is showing the same display on both monitors. If I go to the NVIDIA control panel it seems to think there are two monitors connected, but if you look at my device manager it only shows three monitors and the desktop display also showed one monitor disabled.

So my NVIDIA card still isn't using both monitors.
You mentioned the nvida control panel has two monitors showing.  In my version of the control panel there is a section on "multiple displays", where I can drag the monitors around to configure the layout.   I have an old version of the control panel, and only one monitor, so I cannot test,  but did you go in there and make sure it's configured the way you want (side by side, above/below, etc)?

If so,  I'm afraid I'm stumped.  Might want to try NVIDIA tech support again, though I suspect they may have you remove the other video card first.
purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Yep I've got the NVIDIA multiple displays and it shows fine - even though the two monitors are showing the same screen and even though on the Windows multi-monitor display it is shown disabled.

I've just had another response from NVIDIA support and they are recommending getting another graphics card - it seems the GeForce one isn't supported by Windows 8.
It works with windows 7 but is not compatible with windows 8!?!  Good gosh microsoft, don't you remember, the only reason you WON was backwards compatibility!
I never would have considered that,  becuase I was stupidly assuming these guys were on the ball.

Wow, thats a frustrating answer!  Are you going to get a new card, or go back to win7?

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purplesoupProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I'm getting a new card - just checking the card works with my Dell first, but that's the plan. I agree, very disappointing - thanks for your help.
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