Creating wall paper and adding photos on Youtube channel.

Step 1: Google images > light blue > got me an image that was 1920 x 1200.
This was saved and after saving it the size became less than 500 x 500.

Step 2: I opened the image with Microsoft Picture Manager and selected custom size. I chose 2560 for the length because Youtube requires 2560 x 1440. When I changed the width to 1440, and saved the newly resized image it shrank back to 2311 x 1440. I tried again and got the same result.

Step 3: Created a Youtube Channel to experiment and added channel art and got the 2311 x 1440 light blue image on the webpage. (see image)

I located the other image shown below and saved it to my system and went back to Youtube to try to add it to my light blue background. Copy is an option when right click on the image but paste is not an option when cursor is put on the Youtube wall paper.

The image showing the cross is less than 500 x 500.

What is being done wrong?

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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
ms paint works better
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
also, when in google images, you need to click View Image, to get the actual picture, otherwise, you save a thumbnail

save the image you want. then use GIMP or ms paint (GIMP allows better transparency if you need it)

do all the editing on your computer, save as the size you want

Upload the final draft to youtube, enjoy
nickg5Author Commented:
Upload link on Youtube is for videos. Not seeing a way to add photos.

Trying to get images on wall paper. Multiple images.
Each will be small enough to fit into the 2311 x 1440 space.
We are not sure why when we re-size the wall paper the 2560 side shrinks back to 2311 when we set the width at 1440.
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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
fot the bgimage, read this tutorial by google

1. Adding a Background Image

Log into your YouTube account
Click on the Account link on the upper right corner.
Click on the Edit Channel link.
Click on the Channel Design link on the left side of the screen.
Scroll down the page to the section marked Advanced Design Customization. Within that section, you'll find a box labeled Background Image.
Click on the Browse button and select your background image.
Click Update Channel to save changes..

To Resize , use microsoft paint (MSPAINT) - comes preinstalled with every Microsoft Windows
nickg5Author Commented:
The background has been created. It's blue and seen in the image above.

We want to add photos to that, posted on the background, hung on the wall or whatever it is called.

We are not trying to change the background.
Hi nick5, lol still at it, I see some progress.
 Try these, just upload to your youtube and see how it looks on the different devices in step one,.
Is the cross too high or too low,
Blue BackGround image  ( FRAME) is using your dimensions 2048 x 1152
YTB wall paper 1want more than one?
nickg5The cross needs to layered in to the blue base first, the Bluebase or FRAME you currently have now will be replaced
test sample YTBI can add writing to it as well.
In mine I just put my name to show how it looks
 My channel
nickg5Author Commented:
Try these, just upload to your youtube......

Hi....upload how. The only upload link I see is to up load videos. I thought from the other question that you were copy pasting images to the background.
Yes I did copy and paste the cross image to the frame as a transparent but that is in my Paintshop image editor not on YTB
 I do the image work on my PC first in my Paintshop pro, then save that as the finished background.
work in progress in Paintshop procopy and pasting PSPThen upload it to YTB
In your youtube page click on that blue background
in the top right hand corner you'll see a small pencil click on that and edit channel art !!!
Drag and drop the finished image and then it will show you how it sits on a mobile/desktop and youtube
accept it to see how it sits with your avatar, if not happy click the edit channel art again and then upload.
I have to go back to Paintshop pro and edit the position of the images on the frame.
I then save the shanges and drag and drop back on to youtube
Edit channel
I can add your name using Paintshop pro Text tool and write on your finished Frame ( in my paintshop pro image tool)
Nick5's channelAll image editing is done in my PSP then saved.
Seems you didnt quite understand it back there.
 Hope I explained it better,
 I know it seems easy for us who have the tools so it must hurt your head trying to wrap your brain around it.
To refresh have a look again back here
regards Merete
nickg5Author Commented:
As you can see it rejects the image as too small and needs to be 2048 x 1152.
I drug it from the desktop to the window where it said drag.
The image is 196 x 257.

nick5 are you not  using the frame I made?
click on that one where I put your name it opens from EE to a new page
 rightclick and save as to your desktop
then use that one, it's a finished frame with your name and images at the correct size.
You are using the cross that is too small can't use that ok :)
I'll attach the finished one, save that to your desktop ans the open YTB your frame there click on that pencil and edit channel art drag and drop my finished frame
nickg5Author Commented:
I don't want the cross on there it was just a test of how to do it.
I don't even want the Youtube page, I'm trying to figure out how to add photos for my neighbor. He never had a background, all he did was add his photo whereas I have nothing but a bust. He never even created a background using the size Youtube requires.

Why are the images being said to be too small. I thought the size had to be the background and then the images on top of it could be as many as you can squeeze into the space.
The blank blue is 2311 x 1440.

How to add smaller images on top of that. You have copy pasted or drug three crosses and my name. I tried that and it rejects the photos as too small. They size they now ask for on the cross is 2048 x 1152. You can not get but one image in the 2311 x 1440 sized window if the cross is 2048 x 1152 and if you see my last image it rejects the small cross and says it has to be 2048 x 1152.

Using what you created does not help my youtube or my neighbor's as we need to add our own desired photos. The whole thing above and last question are all phony and undesired photos trying to figure out how to do it.
nickg5Author Commented:
I just opened the file above and I see the 3 crosses on the blue background but the crosses don't move. They can not be moved around.
I see what you are doing but all I have is Microsoft Picture Manager, Irfanview and Paint.

Youtube reject all images as too small. Even after creating the blank blue background. I thought that was the required  2560 x 1440.

I thought in that 2311 x 1440 window we could load, ad, upload, drag, copy / paste as many 200 x 200 images as would fit in the 2311 x 1440. If my images were 100 x 100 I could put twice as many.
You may be doing multiple steps with programs I may not even have.
We need to start over.

I got the blue background. I tried to make it 2560 x 1440 and it keeps reverting back to 2311 x 1440. Ok fine let it be 2311 x 1440 and not 2560 x 1440.

How, how to copy / paste any photo that is smaller than the 2048 x 1152 that it keeps saying is the minimum size.
Hi nickg5, please just drag and drop that frame I made on to youtube as is using the steps I provided in screenshots.
edit channel art drag and drop the frame i made on to that, then you can nothing else other than preview the frame  as per my screenshot where it shows the image on a mobile phone then a desktop and in your youtube.
that's it, then you accept and it turns to your main youtube with the new channel Art .
That is a finished frame with some images.
Seeing the finished channel art maybe that will connect the dots.
And you can undo it by repeating the edit channel Art and upload a new frame/image.
You need to forget about youtube and editing the images it will only upload a completed image ie a  frame  2048 x1152.
It's what you add to the frame in your image editor and save that.
That youtube uses.
Sorry if it's so lengthy but I will try and help you understand.

You say>I just opened the file above and I see the 3 crosses on the blue background but the crosses don't move. They can not be moved around.<< no they won't/can't move as is, you'd need to drop that frame I made back onto an image editor photo editor such as photoshop Gimp Paintshop pro, then using the magic wand  put a dotted line around the cross and copy it out  of this frame I made..
make a new frame  2048 x1152 same colour  blue and paste the  copied cross as a transparent onto this clean new frame in a new position.

No.  you cannot add the smaller images to the frame in youtube.
All this must be done in an image editor on your PC only.
Refer to my screen shots.

Yes I understand this is for test purposes only and you are helping out a friend, must be a nice friend to go to this length to help I'm sure they'll appreciate it, I only used the images as an example as well to show you.

Nickg5 until you get access to Photoshop or Paintshop pro, or the free tools like GIMP,
maybe Paint dot net,
 you cannot modify that frame I made with the cross on.
Or even make your own.
MS paint doesnt have the magic wand.

Focus on the fact you must create a frame with some images on it
Unfortuntely you don't have an image editor suitable.
As you said>>I see what you are doing but all I have is Microsoft Picture Manager, Irfanview and Paint.
Ifranview is an image viewer with some plugins fo reffects but not an actual editor

I have outlined the steps, so if you can get to an image editor such as Photoshop or PSP or Gimp
Gimp has the magic wand but are you up to it to learning how to use it?
GIMP Using/Magic wand tool

I haven't needed to use it a lot since I have paintshop pro
Microsoft power point could do it as well.

The whole point is to make a frame 2048 x1152 and add a couple of images smaller.
Youtube has nothing to do with this editing part.
With the right tools it is really quite easy.
Regards Merete
nickg5Author Commented:
The whole point is to make a frame 2048 x1152 and add a couple of images smaller.
Youtube has nothing to do with this editing part.

..............I thought the blue background you see on my youtube channel was done properly.
If you go back to my other question and look at my neighbor's page, really he never made a background at all. He just uploaded a photo of himself. So, he has no background except what Youtube gave him.

See his photo. That is the photo Youtube asks for when you create a channel and account. Of course you know this. That black background you see was given to him by Youtube. He never created a background because he did not know how.

So, I did create a background on my test channel. Look here.
Youtube said to use 2560 x 1440. I tried. I used Windows Picture Manager to resize the image. I set the length at 2560 and when I tried to enter 1440 for the width, it took the width of 1440 but changed the 2560 back to 2311. I tried several times to custom set the width and length to be exactly what Youtube wants, 2560 x 1440. Ok no problem it is just a test page so 2311 x 1440 is good enough.
On my page below that image if me is just like the photo my neighbor uploaded to his channel. But, his background was not altered by us because we did not know how.

Mine is ready for more images?
Give me one sentence of maybe 15 words what step for me to take next. I have 3 photo editing programs and all work fine for everything but Youtube it seems.
Again, please just write one sentence of maybe 15 words on what I do next.

Are you saying that I have to go back to my picture photos and locate the blue image I have on my Youtube channel.
And locate that photo in my documents and copy a photo on top of that and then re-upload the whole thing to Youtube again?
nickg5Author Commented:
Ok forget some of the above.
I got this and this is what it looked like when open in Paint. It looked like there was enough space top left for the avatar.

Then when it was saved to my pictures folder it looked like this:

Then when uploaded to Youtube the result was this. It looked like the first image but only on a TV and not on a desktop.

Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
looks like the crosses are too high up

you can move them down 100 pixels, and 50 to the right

or, crop the image to just the crosses

2560 x 1440 is probably the MAX size

try  uploading This file, then play with it
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
also, read this doc from youtube

and watch this vid on how to edit your graphics for the background
nickg5Author Commented:
I saved that to my computer. Then opened it with Microsoft Picture Manager and it is only showing as 525 x 329. Enlarging it makes it blurry. back to the very first question on another thread. Images found are too small when saved.
Uploading to youtube you mean?
I see no way to edit anything once it is uploaded to youtube.
nickg5Author Commented:
Previous you said this.....
Hi nick5, yes according to youtube,2048 x 1152
So in your image editor import the 4 images to be used as is but minimise them for now,
 First you make a new image 2048 x 1152
not 1152 x 2048 that would change the dimensions
 this is your blank frame select a background colour  white or black.
Then bring up one of the small images you have minimised
go to edit select that image and copy then highlight the master frame  2048 x 1152  and then paste as a transparent onto the frame, then

move it around to it's position then flatten it,
What do you mean by the last phrase? Not sure how to flatten it.

Once I get mine onto Paint once I get them where I want them and then go to the next image, I can no longer move the first one. With the 3 images above, I was guessing where to put them on the main image so they would appear where desired on Youtube. I'm not seeing how anyone can have their Youtube background, or wall paper, covered with 8 photos of the same size. 4 on the top across the window and 4 more of identical size across the bottom.
So far, I am not controlling where the images end up when uploaded to Youtube. They look fine for a TV but not desktop.
@esskayb2d, thanks, but that guide is for when you run the new channel start first time.
nickg5 and I have already covered all those in his previous

My references are for Paintshop pro not microsoft Paint so they donot apply to Paint as it doesnt have the same features.
Microsft Paint is a very limited tool for me to to use after Paintshop Pro
 But if you dont mind the extra work.

Ok as simply as i can using Microsoft Paint, it looks different to mine
Are you using an original blank Frame or the one from above
The image you have at http:#a39763016 
that is not 2048 x 1152   it is  1177 x 738

Lets use that one anyway just to get the images moved around on that frame.
The tools I will use to show you is Microsoft Paint with windows snipping tool and Paintshop Pro 7 and 9

Step one
open that image in Paint
To start with lets make your image in Paint a bit smaller,
Your screenshots in Paint looks as if it has been zoomed  in so you dont see the frame entirely.
Go to the top View and zoom out until you can see the entire frame, then click on HOME to put you back to the main work page
Paint zoomed outzoomed outTools in Paint
Tools PaintThe selection tools
Paint selection toolsBrushes tools
Brushes toolsStep 2
Click on the Select Tool and drag it around the first image in there, you will see a dotted line around, now go to copy/or cut and paste, I'm using cut
microsoft paint select and copy
 Paint will not let me paste it outside this frame like Paintshop pro, so just paste it at the bottom and reposition along center.
cut and moved
With the cut you will have a white space which we can fill with blue so you wont see it later on.

While the dots are around it you can move it around, just drag it around
then just  click anywhere in the blue frame and the dots will dissappear this flattens it and you can nolonger move it, if you want to move it more use the UNDO arrow at the top till the dotted lines are back.
UNDORepeat for the other two
Step 3
Results of all images cut and moved
Step three all images movedNow lets refill that  white areas
Step 4
I'm going to use the flood fill bucket here and there is two colours, one for left and one for right click..
 I chose rightclick colour two, go to colours then edit and drag that curser around till it matches the frame colour, hope you have a good eye.. add to colours it will appear on your colour lapel under your colours
then righclick each white square and flood fill if it doesnt match go back to edit colours each time to add a new one, I dont have to do this in Paintshop pro..
flood fill edit colours match colourStep 5 save this
Final results as a test only
final stage PaintThat frame with these new images is too small for youtube so you need to start again with a new blank frame 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall.
Go to file new and set the size measuring 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels save it.
reload it~> insert those three images with above proceedure
2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixelsPhew!!
I redone it in my PSP 9
Frame 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels psp 2results
redoneon my youtube
on my Youtube
nickg5Author Commented:
Give me the rest of the week to work through all that. My version of Paint may be an old version. Version 6.0 (2007)

I am on fixed income so can not buy any programs. Maybe there are some free programs, but it looks like Paint may work with some experimenting.

No worries.
Are you running Vista nickg5.
That would explain the difference, I have windows 7
In Windows Vista, the toolbar icons and default color palette were changed. Paint in Windows Vista can undo a change up to 10 times,
The version of Paint in Windows 7 and Windows 8 makes use of the Ribbon GUI.
It also features "artistic" brushes composed of varying shades of gray and some degree of transparency that give a more realistic result.
nickg5Author Commented:
Vista Home Basic + Paint 6.0 + Microsoft Picture Manager and Irfanview.

Let me review what you have posted last.

move it around to it's position then flatten it,
............what do you mean by flatten.....?
nickg5Author Commented:
I found a nice image. Microsoft Picture Manager does allow custom resizing.
For some reason when I put the "dot" in custom and manually change the existing width to 2048 and then try to change the height to 1152, the 2048 does not stay 2048 it goes down. As if the program thinks 2048 x 1152 is not a proper size.

nickg5Author Commented:
With Irfanview it will take the 1152 but not the 2048.
And it will take the 2048 but not the 1152.

nickg5Author Commented:
Well, I opened the image with Nero PhotoSnap Viewer Essentials.
tools, edit image, resize, changed Bilnear (Barlett) to Lanczos and removed the checkmark from "constrain proportions" and was able to get it exactly, 2048 x 1152.
It's a 16 to 9 ratio (2048 to 1152)

Now maybe Paint can be used to add images and move them around until Youtube keeps them in a place where they can be seen in "desktop" view.

Here, finally is a 2048 x 1152

move it around to it's position then flatten it,
............what do you mean by flatten.....?
<< just remove the dots around it.
When we put those dots around the image that adds a layer we need to flatten it again by deselecting the image.
Click on anywhere in the blue that deselects it or removes the dots.Flattens the layer.

Nickg5 before you start adding images to it, please go to youtube and test that background on youtube, see it will allow you  to add it, (accept it) according to my image editor, the dimensions of your image ( frame)  are 1037 x 784
1037 x 784The diference between creating a new file and modifying the canvas size of an image that is smaller.. a new image is default that size.
In your Paint go to file new, you wont see anything, go back to file now open properties and set your dimensions  2048 x 1152
save it..
new file in PaintClose Paint and re-open add this background ( frame back on) using the flood fill put a colour if you want to.
minimise it and add your three image. then follow my guide how to use the select tool
( dotted line)  copy and paste onto this new Frame, position relatively near the center but away from the left side a bit for the avatar. Deselct it then repeat for each image.
Off topic.
I have Nero photosnap viewer wonderful image viewer 80 dollars or bundels with Nero 7 ultimate..I love this tool so much I will never upgrade it. Nero 10 doesnt have it.
Why they remove these great tools I will never understand.
I use it a lot to filter my images enhance them as it has a split view. Has over 20 tools and  filter effects.

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nickg5Author Commented:
I went to Youtube to "edit channel art and see this:
Recommended channel art size: 2560 x 1440
Max file size: 2 MB
Not sure what happened to 2048 x 1152.
It took the image and it may or may not be the right height which looks narrow.

I can't believe this is so complicated compared to photos uploaded to Ebay and to Facebook, Craigslist and others.

That's great nickg5.
Go ahead with the images try and keep them in the center a bit.
And off the left side a little so the avatar fits. Once it sits on youtube that frame is altered a bit.

It's not really complicated if you have the tools and know how to edit images ;)
Well done
nickg5Author Commented:
I'll have to play around with new small images and Paint. They seem to turn up in a different place when uploaded to Youtube.

Both of us have Nero 7

nickg5Author Commented:
You did it.. ;)
As I mentioned Youtube seems to enlarge the images onced embedded,
until you can see that it's difficult to explain it.

Yes this is the play around with images time. But you have my guides here.
nickg5Author Commented:
nickg5Author Commented:
With this I was able to get the image the right size. Nero PhotoSnap Viewer Essentials.
tools, edit image, resize, changed Bilnear (Barlett) to Lanczos and removed the checkmark from "constrain proportions" and was able to get it exactly, 2048 x 1152.
It's a 16 to 9 ratio (2048 to 1152)
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