IIS 8.0 - Load Another Site for Website Root / Subdirectories from Local Server

The title probably isn't very good but here's what I mean by it.

I have a site hosted on an IIS 8 server. It has SSL installed and it has many subdirectories underneath it (www.domain.com/subdirectory, www.domain.com/subdirectory2, etc.).

Is it possible to move ONLY the root content (www.directory.com) to be hosted externally but have the subdirectories (www.domain.com/subdirectory, www.domain.com/subdirectory2, etc.) still point to our server and serve content from here?

Long story short- one of the geniuses here internally has designed a site (without my knowledge) that cannot be hosted internally and now I'm tasked with moving this site over to the external hosting. However, because of all of the sub-sites (that have to be hosted here- they connect to internal database servers and internal resources), it can't be done without re-directing all of those sub-sites. There are probably 3-4 dozen of those sites so I'm trying to avoid that outcome if possible.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Brett DanneyIT ArchitectCommented:
I managed to achieve this in the past using Microsoft Threat Management Gateway. With TMG you are able to specify what HTTP requests are routed to what server. So for example www.sitename.com goes to server1
www.sitename.com/page1.asp - server2
www.sitename.com/folder1/* - server1
www.sitename.com/folder2/* - server2
Basically you can customize any URL within a site and where the request should be routed.

Of course this means adding TMG and using it to filter all your web traffic but it did work well for me.
street9009Author Commented:
Hmm I don't think that'll work. That appears to be at the firewall level (mentions ISA which we used to have but haven't had in a long while). I was hoping for something that would work at the IIS level. I only need the root of one domain to load what would be hosted externally.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Application request routing can do this im pretty sure but it won't be clean. Basically you put a redirect in the site root that sends to the other server but anyone that hits the folders will go to the old server still.

It would help clean things up if you used subdomains instead of subfolders.
street9009Author Commented:
How does application request routing work?
street9009Author Commented:
Thanks I'll check that out.
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