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We are using CIFS shares to share folders/files to our MAC systems.  This has been working fine as a smb mount point for years.  Last week one folder in a sub folder can no longer be seen by any of the mac clients, though the Windows 7 systems can see it as usual.  I am working with EMC who does not see any problem (we did a network capture and trace on this client).

I can see the folder appropriately when using terminal.  All other folders in this directory are accessible just this one is omitted in the finder view.

Any thoughts on what might cause this problem?
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Check the share permissions on the sub folder.
Also make sure the folder name does not start with a dot (.). Macs treat folder and file names starting with a dot as invisible.

Also make sure there are no colons in the name. File or folder names with colons are not recognized by the Mac OS.
walkerpsAuthor Commented:
The parent folder is shared not the folder in question, structure as follows (mount Point smb://volumes/client share): Client Share\client name\2013\residential

There are a number of folders at the residential level, and they can see all of them but not this one.
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Check the ownership of the folder in question.  If it's ownership is different it will not be available.
walkerpsAuthor Commented:
Changed the ownership to administrator and no change.  I verified other folders in the same sub folder and there are various owners of other folders too.
walkerpsAuthor Commented:
additional information.  The folder is currently mounted at the Client Share level if I share at the 2013 level same condition cannot access residential.  If I share at the residential level it works fine.
What does an ls -ld give on the residential directory and the 2013 directory>
walkerpsAuthor Commented:
drwxrwxrwx@ 1 administrator praco\domain users 16384 Jan 3 11:41 residential

I changed the ownership to administrators yesterday for testing
Can you access the directory from a tree using the same user that you create the CIFS share with?
walkerpsAuthor Commented:
I am logged into the computer as a domain admin and I can navigate through the residential folder using terminal.  I cannot see the residential folder when browsing using finder.
The hidden flag may be set. In terminal, type

type chflags nohidden

 and then drag a folder or file you want to unhide into the Terminal window and hit return.

Does it now show up in Finder?
If that doesn't work, the problem may be the file or folder has been set to Invisible.

According to:

you can toggle visibility from terminal as follows:

"If you have Apple’s Developer Tools installed, go to Terminal and enter setfile -a V followed by the name of the file or folder. That sets its visibility attribute to invisible; you can undo this by repeating the command with a lower-case v."
walkerpsAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your comments I cannot seem to find out what has happened with this particular folder so I am recreating it and hopeful it never happens again.

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walkerpsAuthor Commented:
Not really a solution to the case but a workaround
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