Redirect to

I need to redirect to Basically I do not want users to have to type /owa or /exchange on the end of the URL.

I have configured the IIS server exactly the way this tutorial shows: 

After making all of those changes and doing a IISRESET.EXE command, I open up a web browser and type and I given a 403 not authorized page. It says the server denied the specified URL.

I do have OWA rules setup in ISA server. Could their possibly be something in there that is causing this issue?

Thank you
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Gareth GudgerSolution ArchitectCommented:
You can't do an IIS redirect. It will break Exchange Web Services. I would remove it immediately.

Instead modify the default IIS home page in the root of the Default Web Site and just drop in a quick and easy javascript redirect in the IISSTART.HTM page.

Code here.
YeloballAuthor Commented:
Should I remove the IIS redirect from all virtual directories, or just the default website?
Gareth GudgerSolution ArchitectCommented:
Definitely remove it from the default website. What action is it performing on the other virtual directories?
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YeloballAuthor Commented:
Exchange, Exchweb, and public have /owa in the redirect, and the box checked to only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories)

I put that Javascript code in and it did not work.

I am trying to go from http to https
Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:
Changing the Default Web Site Redirect URL to will not break the  Exchange Web Services so leave that as is but ensure that the check box is checked to only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories)

1. On your Exchange, Exchweb and Public leave the setting as /owa
2. Remove the check from only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories) on Exchange, Exchweb and Public

The above is the correct setup. Let me know if it makes a difference after changing the settings?

Hope this helps
YeloballAuthor Commented:

I made these changes you provided and did a iisreset and it is still not working.

This is not working on the inside or the outside.
Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:
How many CAS servers have you got? If more than 1 did you make the changes on all of them?

YeloballAuthor Commented:
I only have 1 CAS server. I looked at my bindings in IIS, do I need to have my domain name listed in there of

YeloballAuthor Commented:
If so, does it need to be put in there at or just

Additionally; does it have to be on port 80, 443, or both?


here is how to make the change

1.Start IIS Manager.
2.Expand the local computer, expand Sites, and then click Default Web Site.
3.At the bottom of the Default Web Site Home pane, click Features View if this option isn't already selected.
4.In the IIS section, double-click HTTP Redirect.
5.Select the Redirect requests to this destination check box.
6.Type the absolute path of the /owa virtual directory. For example, type
7.Under Redirect Behavior, select the Only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories) check box.
8.In the Status code list, click Found (302).
9.In the Actions pane, click Apply.
10.For the new settings to take effect, open a Command Prompt window, and then type iisreset /noforce to restart IIS.

this should do it unless you are running a TMZ server then you need to also make the changes on the TMZ server
YeloballAuthor Commented:

Correct, this is the way it is setup, but still receive a 403 not authorized error when going to URL

I am able to get to it by going to and
Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:
Are you testing this from your CAS server and local machine? My setup is done in the exact same way that I explained to you earlier.  So it is very weird that your is not working.

Are you sure all your settings are correct?
YeloballAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am testing from CAS and local machine. I have this published through ISA server 2006. I think this is where the issue might reside because of the 403 forbidden error. Do you have any experience with that?
Hendrik WieseInformation Security ManagerCommented:

You can try to follow the following tutorial to ensure that your ISA is setup correctly: Outlook Web Access redirection via Microsoft ISA 2006

Hope this helps.
YeloballAuthor Commented:
Found that the IIS was pointing to the wrong directory for the website. Changed it back and everything worked properly.

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YeloballAuthor Commented:
The directory in IIS was not pointing to the default website, it was pointing to another directory which was not allowing the RDweb page to show.
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