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Flip image on external display for Windows 8 or Mac

Hi Expert,

I am after some software that will allow me to "flip" the image on an external display.  When I say flip, I mean allow me to show the image correctly in a mirror.

So when I search these terms, I end up finding ways to "mirror" or clone the image to the ext. display, which is not really the issue, what I want to do is flip the image in a way that allows the viewer, through a mirror see the display as correct.

Any help towards drivers/software solutions would be great.

Win 8 x64
Sony Viao laptop
16GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce GT 735M
Intel HD Graphics Control Panel

Mac book pro
OS 10.7.5

I have found a video adapter for $400 that does what I want via "Scan reverser" http://colorado-video.com/products.html#reverse
However surely this can be done with software?

Let me know your thoughts.

Craig Lambie
Craig Lambie
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1 Solution
Could be done with a small freeware named irfanview: http://malektips.com/irfanview_3_0006.html

Even paint can do it, that's the built-in one mspaint.exe
Edit: oh, sorry, you want to flip the whole display to a second screen, right? Let's see if I can find something.
Read this one http://superuser.com/questions/53349/on-a-dual-monitor-setup-how-can-just-one-of-the-two-be-rotated it could be up to something. What is shown is rotation of single monitors in extended display mode, you would need cloned mode, but I guess this will work, too.
Craig LambieAuthor Commented:
Hi there McKnife,

Sorry I should of stated more clearly, not rotate, flip.
The flipping of an image so that it appears correctly in a mirror means everything should look all weird and whacky, and perfect when viewed in a mirror.
Not just upside down....... understand?
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Yes, my fault, I had understood before but forgotten it on the way... :|
http://www.realtimesoft.com/ultramon/tour/mirroring.asp ultramon claims to be able to do it.
Craig LambieAuthor Commented:
Hi McKnife,

Thanks that looks like it should work... Having some issues with them right now, as it doesn't appear to work with Windows 8.1 maybe.
I have an old Win 7 machine, so I will try that.

Unless you know of another way?

Oh, not for 8.1 yet? Hm. Latest update was Dec 2012 (and says it works with 8), but the product will get updated again, I guess.
Amit KhilnaneyCommented:
It is not possible without a hardware. Where does ultramon says it can do scan reverse..
On the linked description the flipping options are shown.
Craig LambieAuthor Commented:
I am totally certain that it will work on UltraMon, I can make it work picture in picture, instead of on Ext monitor....
UltraMon on Windows 8.1I have a Win 7 machine I will try it on today.
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