usb on ipad

Without buying a new bluetooth headset, I want to use a usb headset on an ipad 5?
Could I also have a usb hub with a mouse and keyboard

Are either of these possible?
What devices do I need to buy?
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Pradeep VIshwakarmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
called Camera connection kit and u can use in ur ipad.
u can buy apple store or online. link is below.
Pradeep VIshwakarmaCommented:
yes u can use Headset, mouse with mini USB cable see attachment.

mini USB
Aditya AroraConnect With a Mentor Network & Hardware Commented:
Yes USB headset works in IPAD. to use USB in IPAD you required camera connection kit accessory. Camera connection kit adapter plug into apple 30-pin dock connector.
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Pradeep VIshwakarmaCommented:
plz ignore previous Pic see this pic. MIni USB
rgb192Author Commented:
Camera connection kit adapter plug into apple 30-pin dock connector.

What is this device called and does it allow me to connect to usb hub?

How do I find these devices?
rgb192Author Commented:
Thanks for finding me a link so I can see product.
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