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Migrating DC server 2003 sp2 32bit AD, DNS, DHCP to Server 2008 R2

I currently have 2 DC on seperate boxes running Server 2003 sp2 32bit. 1 DC replicates to the other DC. The roles are AD, DNS, DHCP. I will also be upgrading my Exchange server 2003 to a new server box as well. (do I need to prep for that during this migration even though the current exchange resides on a seperate box and I will be migrating that over to a new server box as well?)

I currently have 300 users, 275 computers, a few GPO's, etc... I have searched online for step by step but find different answers, so I just want to make sure what the easiest way to migrate this all over flawlessly.

Thank you for your help
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