Cant Uninstall corrupt version of Office

Hi there,

Somehow we have ended up having two versions of office (2007 & 2010) on our windows 2012 server operating system, I need to uninstall the 2010 version but just cant do it through the normal means.. can anyone suggest a way of doing this...?
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David Paris VicenteInfrastructure DesignerCommented:

You can see here several ways of uninstall office ->Remove Office

Probably you will use the manual way.

Please use Microsoft FixIt to uninstall Office 2010.
Here is the link to FixIt - Here
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
the trouble with the fix it is that it doesnt work with windows 2012 server
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philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
or application version.. remember there are two versions currently on there, office 2007 and office 2010 and the confusing factor is that the 2010 is a 64 bit version.....
David Paris VicenteInfrastructure DesignerCommented:
Did you give it a try with the manual solution that I pointed?
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
yes all were uninstalled accept for the main office 2010 installer file, all the others uninstalled fine except this one, I guess this is where the problem lies..... ??
David Paris VicenteInfrastructure DesignerCommented:
I´m a bit confuse now.

Do you uninstall the other offices through the manual process, and it worked well except the office 2010?
try reinstalling office 2010 - then uninstall it
or use revo uninstaller, when it's installed :

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philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
i used revo uninstaller and it worked!!!! great stuff..... I was able to then uninstall both copies of office, clean up the registry then re-install a fresh copy.... thank you
philipgeckoAuthor Commented:
many thanks
tx for feedback !
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