SMB Antivirus Suite Recommendation?

I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere but am looking for a new AV solution. We run about 100 desktops, ~7 servers, primarily W7 x64 environment, Watchguard firewall and Google/Postini for antispam. We used Symantec Endpoint Protection for years but switched to Kaspersky Endpoint Solutions 3 years ago.

The reasons we left SEP: client footprint was huge; terrible tech support since merger with Veritas; hated the proprietary management console. Reasons we're going to leave KES: problems with admin console maintaining communications with clients, terrible experiences with deployment and upgrades, incompatibilities with some of our business applications.

One of our VARs that I trust is recommending McAfee but the few comparisons I can find online do not give it overwhelmingly positive reviews. In fact the only product I saw that seemed to be well liked was Vipre and and I've never heard of it.

Would appreciate any guidance you could provide. Thank you!
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Webroot Secureanywhere (business) is great. Please check it out. Like Vipre, it's a cloud-based solution and uses very low resources.

You can read about it at:

and also look for other reviews through Google.
my best choices for environments described by you are:

1. TrendMicro

it's got very powerful and efficient client installation and release update and its web console is plain and well readable
However client get sometimes overloaded on disk and cpu

2. ESET32

it is configurable and flexible ion all aspect. It is lite enough on clients and affordable.
However you need to configure it wisely as iti is not straightforward on implementation.

hope this helps
Forgot to add (and could not edit the earlier post):

FWIW, I have used it (not the business edition) on my low-RAM PC for almost a year now and it works great unobtrusively.
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Trenton KnewOwner / Computer WhispererCommented:
We tested Vipre Business Security last year and will probably be switching to it this year.  

Pros: Management console, configurable profiles, installs itself silently across network, able to run transparently on end user system, (no icon in system tray), detects and disables crapware like "opencandy" that's not necessarily a virus, but may have privacy concerns. SMALL client footprint.  Will look for and install itself on new or unprotected devices if they are within predefined scope.  Installer automatically uninstalls previous AV product.  Includes virus, spyware, malware, and firewall protection.  Good notification

Cons: requires patience as installs and uninstalls may not appear to be doing anything at all.  on 2 out of 25 users, the outlook plugin made outlook "freeze" at startup, and the client had to be uninstalled/reinstalled (but there may have been a better solution).  A couple of times when we uninstalled it, it was a little "abrasive" on the way out, causing random problems.  (It is best to uninstall from the management console.)  Install and configuration is a little "config-heavy" at first.

In all, despite the couple of oddities I saw with it, I was very happy with the price, performance, and impact on system resources.  I got quoted about $4-$5 less per license compared to SEP and ESET.
Trenton KnewOwner / Computer WhispererCommented:
Another note about Vipre though, in some cases if there are more than one security product installed on a machine, (example: Symantec and windows defender), the uninstall pass will only remove one of them, and you will have to manually remove the other one from that machine.  Vipre technical support told me that the installer will only remove one product on install.
AVG is decent.
I would suggest looking at Eset; I'm a reseller, so I would say that, wouldn't I?

However, I can't afford to sell products that don't work well, and on the rare occasions when there has been an issue the technical support (at least here in the UK) has been excellent.
I've found it to be light on resources and fairly unobtrusive, and notifications can be customised.  Its Remote Administrator console can push installations to client machines, and those installations can be customised in excruciating detail before they are deployed.

Eset also does a Windows server version of the product which has all the standard exclusions already configured, as well as an Exchange-optimised version.

I've found the cost per machine to be very competitive, and there's a useful discount on renewal of the subscription as well.

My two cents worth...
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
No one can afford to sell or use products that don't work well... funny thing how many are out there then that don't work well.

Let me say that this question has been asked, on average, once per week for years.  Having participated in many, I can say that asking this question is like asking what the best flavor of Ice Cream is.  EVERYONE has an opinion.

No product is perfect and they are all mostly RE-ACTIVE - the makers have to see the malware first to provide a good protection for it.

I've also tried MANY of the products listed above and have opinions (mostly negative) about them.  The one that, so far (and for the last 4-5 years), has been positive is VIPRE.  So that's my best tasting Ice Cream.

Symantec - AWFUL in just about every way
Trend - PITA
ESet - ineffective
Kaspersky - PITA to upgrade/poor support
AVG - ineffective
McAfee - ineffective and bloated (used to love them).

(Granted, SOME of the above opinions are based on multi-year old experiences - though all are based on MY experiences and a couple (like Symantec) include my experiences and the complaints I've heard from others).

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I have as of yet to use any virus scan product that is even 90% effective.
So unfortunately we need to use a blended approach at times.

Had a trojan that Sym had detected,but could not clean.
Used the freebie from M$ and it was gone.

Have been using M$ security essentials and AVG for Exchange.
Works as well as any other I've tried.

Tried Vipre and it slowed things down,but I guess to each their own.
johns1975Author Commented:
Thank you all for your input. This one seems to be like nailing jello to the wall but given the variables involved it may have been silly of me post it in the first place.
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