Access app runs in XP, not in win7 pro

Access 2k10 app opens a linked .dbf table and extracts some data with a query. This works fine when run on an XP system. Exact same app run on a win7 pro system and it doesn't work. it doesn't extract the data. It almost seems like the app continues running before the I/O operation is finished. Not sure how to trouble shoot this.

this is a split database residing on a win2k8 server, on a LAN. The app is stored on a usb hard drive on the server.
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Windows 7 has User Access control.  Have you tried running the Application as an Administrator?  

You can also edit the properties of the shortcut to the application and set it to run in XP Compatibility mode to see that that helps as well.

I would try to run it as an Administrator by holding shift, right clicking on the application and select Run as Administrator.
Do you get any error messages?

Also check to see if the correct drivers have been loaded.  Not all drivers are loaded by default when Access is installed.
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
a handled error that says no table found and then quits. Table is there and populated
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Are you sure the path to the table is the same from both PC's?
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
positive! if I step around this piece of code, the vba runs to successful completion utilizing other .dbf's in the same folder. The app is stored on the server and the front-end is the same for XP & Win7
Perhaps the dbf is corrupted.  Do you have a way to repair it?
Jim P.Commented:
Is the Win7 machine 64 bit?

And are you connecting via an ODBC call or is it going to a share?

And are you using mapped drives (F:\ShareName) or a UNC (\\ServerName\ShareName)?
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
desktops and server are 64 bit

mapped drives
Jim P.Commented:
I'm going to assume it is the 32K Access on both the XP and the Win 7.

Have you tried turning off the firewall on the Win7 machine?

But if that fails, because it's the first DBF you are accessing, it might be a timing issue. I've run into that as well. So one to try is this. Put this code at the top of a VBA module:
Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Open in new window

Then do a command like
Dim Dummy as String
Dummy = Dir("F:\Share\MyDBFName")
Sleep 1000'
'Your import commands.

Open in new window

Basically what that will do is get the authentication going between the workstation and the server/file location. Then do the read.

I know it's a bad workaround, but if it's stupid and it works, it isn't stupid. ;-)
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
Tks. won't have access until Mon/Tues. will try then
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
set the timer to 7000 with no change.
disabled firewall with timer in place - no change

it appears to be waiting to open a file that is there.

I can run the same app from an XP system or another win 7 pro system and all is well.
Jim P.Commented:
So it is isolated to a machine issue.

At this point then maybe it is time grab some sort of network analysis tool and see if there are dropped packets, etc.

Another one to try is copying the Acc DB to the faulting client, do a compact and repair on that machine and see if you have still have an issue. You are always better off running the mdb/accdb from the local machine instead of across the network. Especially if you have a mixed XP/7 environment.

Anecdotal: I was building an AccDB on my Win7 64 bit machine, and then giving it to users for use on Win2k3 servers. I constantly had to go back and just do a debug on the DB and then it would start working on the servers. I finally just started doing the changes on a 2k3 server and haven't had problems since.

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jsgouldAuthor Commented:
Thanks Folks. Have tried all ur suggestions to no avail. Will close out now and keep working the issue.
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