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Random Outlook Errors

Outlook 2010 - latest updates installed
Exchange 2010 - latest updates and service packs installed

Issue is only seen by one of our users and is not dependant on the client machine.    In other words the issue still exists if using a different client PC

The user reports random odd errors that do not make sense.   they generally go away by restarting outlook but not always.

2 of the most common errors are

your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously outlook 2010

the attachment exceeds the limits

nether of these errors are accurate.    The user has only one window open and in the case of the attachment error it occurs even if attaching a small text file.

things i have done so far

created new outlook profile
made sure cached mode is turned off
updated office and exchange to current service pack levels.

really stuck on this one any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I would create a new mailbox in Exchange.. creating a new outlook profile won't change any corruption of the mailbox in exchange.
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create a new mailbox?   how do I do not while keeping the existing intact?
I wouldnt.. I would backup the existing mail to a PST and then blow away the mailbox, create a new one.. have the user login, then import the contents of the PST
okay do you have reason to believe this will solve my issues?    you have seen this problem before or have some experience with this?
As you've confirmed that this issue follows the user on different workstations and you've recreated the local outlook profile, then my next focus would be on the server side mailbox.

I have not seen this specific error before, but in past experiences, again, once the local outlook is ruled out, I focus on the server side
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I will try the solution provided in the article as it does seem to apply.    the strange thing is I don't know how the user is hitting these limits when they barely have anything open.   none the less if increasing these values get rid of the problem I will award points.