Tmobile concord cell phone device

Tmobile concord model: ZTE V768

I am looking for the correct (not cheaper version) of phone back and battery?

What is a purchase link?
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upul007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure, here it is.

The thing is, you can find almost anything online these days. However, most post offices do not accept batteries as items to be posted, so you may need to do a search yourself to locate a seller closer to your location.

Just type ZTE V768 battery on Google and see the results that you get.

best regards
A quick search on eBay brought up for the back. I would suggest that you search the same or similar sites for the battery.
rgb192Author Commented:
Thanks, your link works for the phone back. Could you show me link for the battery?
rgb192Author Commented:
Thanks for both links.
Ebay and amazon.
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