GP 2010 - Budget ID Export

We are having a problem with exporting a budget id from GP to Excel.  When we run the smartlist for this budgetid, we get 44.090 lines (correct).  when I pull the same information from the GL00201 table in SQL, I get 44,090 lines (correct).  But when I export this budget id from GP into Excel, I only get 203 lines.  What could the problem be?

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Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
How exactly are you exporting the budget into Excel? (There are different ways to do this, just want to find out what steps you are going through.)

What version of Excel?

What is the date range of the budget?

Have you tried on a different computer? As a different user? After restarting your computer?

Are you getting any errors when exporting?
pstreAuthor Commented:
Go into GP, find the budget id, choose option to Export to Excel.  We are on MS Office 2010, have tried it on several computers and logging on as different users (even me.. I am SA and it only exports 203 rows but in the SmartList and in the SQL table, we get over 44 thousand lines which is correct.  GP 2010 is exporting the file as a xls file and not a xlsx file.  There is no option to export as xlsx.  

Date range of budet is a calendar year (1/1/13-12/31/13)
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Thanks for the additional detail. I have not seen or heard of this being an issue before with GP 2010. You are right, in GP 2010 it will only export to .xls, but that should not cause any problems. (In GP 2013, it will export to .xlsx.)

Are you choosing New Workbook when doing the export? If not, can you try that? Also, make sure Excel is closed prior to the export and that it's not actually running (check Task Manager for Excel.exe). And make sure that you do not do anything on your computer after it starts the export - I have seen that interrupt the export. Just start it and walk away. :-)

Something else to test - do you have another budget, maybe from a prior year that you can try with? I am wondering if this is an issue with this particular budget. It also could be that it's too much data...but I would expect that to give you an error, or stop at a different number of rows every time, the fact that it is the same number of rows suggests something else. You don't happen to have Excel installed directly on the SQL Server, do you? That would be a really good test, but usually Excel is not installed on SQL servers.

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pstreAuthor Commented:
we have done all of the above.  Yes, we do have Excel installed on the SQL server.  When we export, the data goes to the Excel that is installed on the SQL server.
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
I am guessing by your last answer that you are running the GP application on a Terminal Server? Is that how all users are accessing GP? Are you actually logging into the Terminal Server or are you using RemoteApp?

Do you have the GP application installed anywhere else besides the Terminal Server?
pstreAuthor Commented:
No...GP application is on a Citrix server.  I am just going to close this one, Victoria.  Now that the budget ids are set up for 2014, there have been no problems.  All of the rows are copying to Excel now.  It is crazy...
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Strange. Glad to hear the 2014 budgets are working properly.
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