USB Controller, DVD-ROM, and COM port does not work

Hello all,

I have a interesting problem, I have 4 machines (2 XP and 2 Windows 7 boxes) that all show the same issues. The USB controller, COM ports, and DVD-ROM (or CD-ROM) all go inactive with a yellow exclamation point in the device manager. I have done the following with little success in solving the issue.

1) System restore to an earlier state (as far back as 2 months)
2) Downloaded the correct drivers and attempted to install - unable to find the hardware.
3) Uninstalled hardware and rebooted and rescan for hardware - found hardware and fell into same issue
4) rebooted several times
5) rebooted into safe mode - same issue is found

Only way I have found to resolve issue is reload windows, however this is not the solution I need to pursue. This issue is growing and I need to find out why this issue is growing among our clients.

Here is what has happened to cause the issue

Gone from Kaseya MSP software to LabTech
Gone from Kaspersky Anti-Virus to Vipre Anti-Virus

After 30 Computers moved 4 has showed same issue. Some after a few hours others after a week. No common time frame.

I am begging for help. Below is a screen shot of the issue I am seeing.  

Any Help is highly appreciated. Thank you!

Robert WiggsDirector of ITAsked:
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Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:

Try  ccleaner. It a good tool. you can use it cleaner and tool(uninstall). hope it may help you some way.

also check by removing the antivirus also.
Robert WiggsDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
I ran ccleaner (however found several registry and other issues) and it did not resolve the issue. I also did the following recommendations from kaseya: howtopic=252590&st=0&p=1961004&#entry1961004

Please advise.
Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
have to try by removing Vipre Anti-Virus
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Robert WiggsDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
I have and the problem remains.
Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
try to install motherboard chip set driver.
Robert WiggsDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
I uninstalled the Intel(R) HM67 Express Chipset Family LPC Interface Controller - 1C4B.

I rebooted and it reinstalled the chipset without issue, however, the other original issues remained.
Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
Then its better to reinstall.
Robert WiggsDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
Ya that is the simplistic solution, however some of the machines have legacy software. I'm hoping someone may have an idea that will work.
Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
Yes this is the simplest way, according to my knowledge you have trouble shoot almost every thing which need to be look.
since these are the cause :
Here is what has happened to cause the issue

Gone from Kaseya MSP software to LabTech
Gone from Kaspersky Anti-Virus to Vipre Anti-Virus
i would suggest testing on a couple of pc's with only labtech soft; then trya free AV, like EVG or avast, to check if the problem returns
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Have you reinstalled SP1 and/or Windows Update - taking all Optional updates too?  

Can you also try an *older* version of the chipset driver?
sorry for the the typo above ; like EVG  should read AVG
how is it going usmcmem ??
Robert WiggsDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
The problem was resolved. had to find the specific drivers for those chipsets. (Called Dell) and manually install them.

Thanks you for your help and support on this issue.

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Robert WiggsDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
Microsoft and Dell support helped resolve this issue. However, reformatting will be the quickest and easiest. But for future knowledge, I know how to fix it.
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