Installing Micorosft Office on Linux Ubuntu


I am new in Linux. I just installed Linux Ubuntu 13.4 desktop version. I need to install Microsoft office. Could you please help me and send me the instruction ?

Thank you
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Aditya AroraConnect With a Mentor Network & Hardware Commented:

i just find below link 

hope this may help you.
The best option is to install VirtualBox and then install Win7 and Office in this virtual machine. Also install VirtualBox additions and enable bidirectional host clipboard sharing.

Another option is Wine, but it's not working perfect.

Or use LibreOffice if you doesn't need the full Office suite and don't want to pay license fees.

Regards, Tobias
Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
Microsoft Office is not compatible with linux. it only works in windows and Mac systems.

if you still need office in linux system then install virtual machine inside linux and installing windows OS in virtual machine and use office.
In ubuntu you should go ahead with libre office.It works like a MS office.
It's free and lot of formulas available in excle.
Please find the below link for download & available features.
GolchehrAuthor Commented:
Aditya, Thank you very much. Your link was useful.
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