Exchange 2010 EDB corruption

Our company is running Exchange 2010 on Windows 2008 Server.
The hardware in this server is:

2x Intel E5520 Xeons
2x 600GB SAS (RAID 1 for OS)
8x 300GB SAS (RAID 5 for DB)

We recently had a problem where the default edb became corrupt, I used ESEUTIL to fix the problem but also created a new edb and moved all mailboxes to it (81 total mailboxes).
In the last 2 days the new edb has become corrupt.

How is this possible? There has been no power cuts or anything that I can see that would have caused this.

What are the possible causes of an edb becoming corrupt over night?
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Pradeep VIshwakarmaCommented:
Aditya AroraNetwork & Hardware Commented:
Check you Hard drive for bad sector where your data base is stored.

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DJMohrAuthor Commented:
Thanks, for the link; I am aware of how to repair the edb, but what I want to know is how it's possible that a brand new edb can become corrupt in less than a week.
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DJMohrAuthor Commented:
will have to schedule a disk check. I need to add that the drives in the server are a week old, installed them last friday.
Pradeep VIshwakarmaCommented:
run chkdsk on your Data Base Hard Drive.
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
Yes, will schedule this for this evening.

The causes of the corruption of the EDB's are like many like:

1) Bad sectors on the hard drive or if it crashed, then the log files in these sectors becomes unaccessible.

2) Viruses and malwares are the major sources to cause corruption.

3) An abrupt Exchange Server shutdown

To deal with such cases there are some third party tools as well which are available in the market. I have tested a third party tool which does such work quickly and for more details you can refer to
Make sure file level exclusion scanning is correctly configured.

Make sure there is no bed sectors on disk

Database intigrity checking

it is a good practice to check exchange maintenance event in the morning, this thread runs at the night and informs you of the maintenance done on the database , it also tells whether it was fully completed and the amount of white space left.
Also make surevSchedueld maintenance of the database and the backup of the db does not coincide. ( it normally happens).

Please check database Integrity using Eseutil /G after creating the new .edb file

Please confirm if getting -1018 events on Exchange server in Application logs as it might cause due to Hardware errors

Run chkdsk on disk & check for any disk errors

Have you confirmed about disk checking ?
Also please note : Usage of Eseutil tool is probably not good enough as this tool never ensure about the security of exchange database. Even, My personnel experience is not good with this tool. This tool is failed in several crucial circumstances. Also, It's a bit complex and take a lot of  time to restore the database . Especially, It works by discarding the severely corrupted database pages that it cannot be fixed. However, it is capable to fix the individual database tables but can not maintain the relationships among them. My recommendation is to go with any good third party tool if you face EDB corruption problem further.
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
I have run the chkdsk and run a repair on the edb, monitoring the event logs for any further issues.
DJMohrAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all that assisted, seems there were bad sectors of the disk, no more edb corruption errors.
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