SBS 2011 Exchange issues

After i installed some updates Sunday night to my SBS 2011 server my Exchange System Attendant  will not start at all.
When trying to start manually, i get:
Windows could not start the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service on local computer.
Error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly.

also, the Microsoft Exchange Replication keeps crashing.
event id is 7031.
The Microsoft Exchange Replication service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 (times). the following corrective action will be taken in 5000 milliseconds. Restart service.

My users can't connect to to check new email.
Previous auto email forwards still work (meaning email auto forwards previously configured in exchange still work so when i send email to it still goes to

i spent the entire day restoring the server from a full backup (saturday night) backup hoping it was going to be fix since the problem happened sunday night after doing updates and a restart. But that didn't work.
i was able to fully restore everything but the services are still down.

Finally, running the Microsoft Windows Server Solutions Best Practices Analyzer reports this errors:
1. Windows SBS is not the Domain Naming Master
2. Windows SBS is not the Infrastructure Master
3. Windows SBS is not the Primary Domain Controller Master
4. Windows SBS is not the Relative ID (RID) Master
5. Windows SBS is not the Schema Master.


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What kind of full backup did you restore? Was it a BRM+SS+C Drive?
Where is Exchange installed? Is it on C: on on another drive?
jts2020Author Commented:
I did a full restored (bare metal to new hard drives).
the hardware setup was
RAID1 with two 250GB Dell OEM HDs (C: drive)
One 2TB where some Windows\Temp\ files where located (Y: drive)
Another 2TB where the Exchange Database was moved via the SBS Server 2011 Standard Console (Z: drive)
But Exchange was initially installed in the default C:\ drive and only the data was moved. The actual program is still on the C:\Program Files..
i was running out of space on the C: drive so i had to moved it.
It seams there is another server in the same domain. Is it an AD server?
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jts2020Author Commented:
it's the only server.
I am Running SBS 2011.

However, i am also running VM Ware Workstation with 1 Server 2008 R2 and 3 Windows 7 Pro as guests (this are mainly use just for remote users to connect from offsite via RDP).
But the windows server 2008 it's only a member servers, nothing else.
One of the first Exchange services involved is the Information Store. Is it up? If it isn't can you start it manually? If it fails, even manually, does the system return any useful info even watching at the Event Log Viewer?
jts2020Author Commented:
Information Store start automatically just fine.
the only two services that fail are
Exchange Replication - keeps crashing every couple of minutes
Exchange System Attendant - will not start at all.
i get error 1067: The Process terminated unexpectedly.

i'll attached some pics i took with my phone
jts2020Author Commented:
looking more at the Exchange Mgt Console.
Right-clicking the Public Folder Database and trying to Mount the Database i get:
Error 0x6d9 (there are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper) from cli_MountDatabase3

 Couldn't mount the database that you specificied. Specified database: Public Folder Database 0166175050; Error code: An Active Manager operation failed. Error, The Microsoft Exchange Replication service may not be running on server SBS.domain.local.
Specified RPC error message: Error 0x6d9

jts2020Author Commented:
and the Main Mailbox Database shows as Unknown under the Monted title of the exchange Database Management (while the Public shows as Dismounted).
The 1st and 2nd pic you posted suggest you should check if 3 services are running. Are they running?
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
"Finally, running the Microsoft Windows Server Solutions Best Practices Analyzer reports this errors:
1. Windows SBS is not the Domain Naming Master
2. Windows SBS is not the Infrastructure Master
3. Windows SBS is not the Primary Domain Controller Master
4. Windows SBS is not the Relative ID (RID) Master
5. Windows SBS is not the Schema Master."

This would indicate that the FSMO roles have been moved off of the server. I've seen SBS have all sorts of problems when this happens - I'd manually check each role to ensure the server still owns it. Not sure if this is actually related to the exchange issues but it's worth looking at due to the way SBS integrates everything together.
jts2020Author Commented:
all services are running (again except for System Attendant and Exchange Replication).

obviously, i would not move the FSMO or any role from my only Server/DC.
all this happened out of nowhere after restarting the server.

how can i check each role manully?
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:

The following should help you determine the roles owner accordingly:
jts2020Author Commented:
i ended up calling Microsoft Support.
it only took 5 Engineers and a total of 39hrs straight hrs to fix my problem. (from 7AM yesterday until just now, 10pm tonight).
they had to uninstall Exchange Completely and reinstall it - but during all this error after error kept occurring regarding registry permissions.
there is still a few little things not working but email is finally working after 4days.

thanks everyone


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