Shoretel Softphone Issue

I am 90% sure it was working and belive this is a director issue..  However:

Tested over a VPN and also locally on the LAN and get a line not in service error on the communicator.
Check HQ/Director and foudn that the SG90 @ HQ site is showing the softphone as out of service and is assigned to a MAC address of a device i cant trak (assyume a laptop):

D4-BE-D9-23-A1-EC Headquarters D4-BE-D9-23-A1-EC Unknown Out of Service (Operational)     Soft Phone

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In the ShoreTel director go to IP Phones menu, then click on "Individual IP Phones" and you will get a list of all assignments, including SoftPhones.  It will show the MAC address.  You can then check the box to delete the assignment.
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
didnt want to delete it.  want to be able to use it...
That only deletes the assignment to that MAC - the softphone RTU will still be available and can be reused.
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It is a way to clear - let me know if you still get the not in service error after resetting everything.
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
the other issue (linked to this) is that some phones are assigning themselves to a remote switch in another site...
Are you using a separate VLAN for each site?  We had one client with a flat network that used one VLAN for all phones and they had problems like this - on a reboot the phone would pick any switch it could find instead of the local switch
Do you have a separate DHCP range for the phones and devices at each site?  That is necessary as well to avoid the reassignment problem.

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CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
No, we only have 2x scopes/servers at outr main site.  the remote site has statics..
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
update: would appear that the machine switching between the networks are not updating the ip address quickly enough for DNS and shoretel system to see the machine with the single IP/Name.
Also the device is automatically assigning to the shoregear switch in our remote site not the main site where director is.  The comms co says this is correct due to the way in which resilience/failover is configured...
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
in the end a couple of issues:

1. resources on the live switch we're maxed out, so we have brought the failover switch live and now new devices are registering to the new switch.
2. the ingate sbc was not allowing traffic and ringtone through it.  required additional ip ranges to be added to it.
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